Episode 94: How To Work With The Full Moon

Episode 94: How To Work With The Full Moon

In just a few days, we will be having our first full moon for the year 2021. A full moon typically is typically a time for release and illumination. This is also a time where emotions are heightened or life may seem a little “full on”.

 But as I’ve said before, the power is in you, not the moon. If emotions arise or life seems more intense, remember it’s a guide, a prompt, steering you inward. You get to control what you do with what comes to light under a full moon.

Today’s episode is designed to accompany the new moon intention setting from ep 92 — my hope is you may like to revisit them time and again, to help guide you through each new and full moon phase. 

I hope you enjoy this free training and full moon blessings to you. 

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Photo by Anton Kraev