Episode 95: February 2021 Energy Forecast

Episode 95: February 2021 Energy Forecast

And just like that, the first month of 2021 is done! That means it’s once again time for another monthly forecast. Before we dive into the energy for February, I would encourage you to take time to reflect on the month that was. One big part of this intuitive journey is reflection. It allows us to see patterns and appreciate where we’ve been.

Base Chakra was the card that I pulled out for this month and alongside this quarter’s theme of Beginnings, February’s key theme is Belonging. In today’s episode, I share a couple of lessons to look out for and what supportive measures you can do for the month ahead.

So with that, I leave you this month’s affirmation: “My base chakra is clear and balanced. It radiates a brilliant shade of red and easily processes energy around my basic security and safety.”

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Photo by Colton Sturgeon