Episode 96: 5 Ways You’re Blocking Your Intuitive Gifts

Episode 96: 5 Ways You’re Blocking Your Intuitive Gifts

Before you start listening to today’s episode, I want you to repeat this to yourself: “I am intuitive. I am intuitive.”

Your intuitive gift is yours for the taking, but it does require us to do the inner work. It needs us to be aware and be attentive to developing it. I also know quite a few people whose intuition is actively seeking them and yet, they are somehow not embracing it.

Today I wanted to share the 5 ways that you’re blocking your gifts and the antidotes of each. This is also going to serve as a guide for anyone who wishes to work on their intuition and be able to connect with their spirit guides. Let me know which one of the blocks jumped out at you and how do you plan on unblocking your intuitive gifts.

I mentioned in this episode that you can use the oracle cards as part of your daily practice. I’m so excited to announce that finally, The Little Sage Oracle Cards are now available for pre-order. So make sure you grab a deck now. Head here for more details.

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