Chakras 101: How to Balance Your Chakras

Chakras 101: How to Balance Your Chakras

This post is the third in a four-part series on the chakras – what they are, what each chakra relates to, how to balance your chakras and how they impact your overall health. By understanding your chakras and energy, you can begin to see the interaction of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and how they affect your overall wellness.

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  3. Chakras 101 – How to Balance Your Chakras
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Now you’ve learnt what the chakras are and what each of the main seven chakras relates to, it’s important to understand how you can keep them clear and balanced.

Ideally, you want to keep your own energy clear and of a high vibration – so that you operate at the highest level possible and so this is the kind of energy you offer others and the world around you.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Even if your energy is rising in vibration and relatively clear, not all energy around you will be of the same vibration.

By working on your own energy, through grounding and clearing your energy, you ensure your energy is as clear as it can be. For more on this, check out our Ground, Clear and Protect Your Energy Meditation.

Similarly, working on your chakras ensures you are processing energy through your body as best as you can. All energy you come into contact with – say from other people, places (such as your office, public transport, a new gym) and objects – will all affect your own energy and clarity of your chakras.

If your chakras have to work overtime to clear out energy which isn’t yours, they will become “dirty” and need clearing out to remove the build-up.

Here are four tips for working on your chakras:

  • Chakra balancing meditations. The Little Sage’s meditation goes through each of the main seven chakras, helping you clear the chakra and transmute the energy moving through each chakra.
  • Crystal therapy. Different crystals are useful for working on different charkas and will help absorb energy and transmute stagnant energy.
  • Colour therapy. Each of the chakras is a particular colour. When you are wanting to work on a particular colour, you can actively engage with that colour – wearing it, decorating your home or office in it, etc. Similarly, if you feel drawn to particular colours, it may be a sign to work on the associated chakra.
  • Sound and music therapy. Different sounds resonate at different vibrations which will strike a chord with different chakras. Gongs and Tibetan bowls are great for this.

The fourth and final post in the Chakras 101 series (looking at how the chakras impact your overall health and wellbeing) is available here!