Chakras 101: What Are Chakras?

Chakras 101: What Are Chakras?

This post is the first in a four-part series on the chakras – what they are, what each chakra relates to, how to balance your chakras and how they impact your overall health. By understanding your chakras and energy, you can begin to see the interaction of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and how they affect your overall wellness.

  1. Chakras 101 – What Are Chakras?
  2. Chakras 101 – What Each Chakra Relates To
  3. Chakras 101 – How to Balance Your Chakras
  4. Chakras 101 – How the Chakras Affect Your Physical Health

Chakras as an energetic digestive system

Your chakras are the equivalent of an energetic digestive system – they are responsible for processing all energy entering your system, transmuting it then passing it out of the body again.

As an energetic being, you are constantly moving energy in and out of your body – whether you are aware of it or not.

By keeping your own energy grounded, clear and protected you can ensure the energy you offer others is as clear as possible. (Our Ground, Clear and Protect Your Energy meditation is perfect for this.)

However, if you come into contact with energy of a lower or heavier vibration, or your own energy is affected by ‘negative’ thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you will rely on your chakras to transmute that energy.

Your chakras can become dirty, blocked and sluggish if they are constantly handling heavier energy, or your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are negative, limiting or out of alignments… and they’ll need to be restored to vitality to continue to function effectively.

Chakras funnel energy through your body

Chakra is a Sanskrit word roughly translating to “spinning wheel”.

A chakra is an energetic center, or energy wheel, which moves energy through your body as it spins.

Although there are actually hundreds of chakras throughout the body, the main seven chakras are most commonly referred to:

  • Crown chakra – at the top of the head
  • Third eye chakra – on the brow, between the two physical eyes
  • Throat chakra – in the throat, around the Adam’s apple
  • Heart chakra – located in the chest
  • Solar plexus chakra – found in the stomach area, under the rib cage
  • Sacral chakra – just below the naval
  • Base chakra – at the base of the spine

Some people clairvoyantly see chakras as funnels, moving energy from the crown chakra down through the other chakras before the energy exits through the base chakra.

Ideally, you want your chakras to be of the same size and clarity, so energy moving downstream does so effortlessly without blockages or being slowed down.

When your chakras are out of balance, you may experience (among other things) sluggishness, obsessive thoughts, anxiety, discomfort and chaotic inner and outer worlds.

In our next article in the Chakra 101 series, we’ll look at what each of the seven chakras relates to.