Closing Energies Of 2017 And A Hint Of 2018

Closing Energies Of 2017 And A Hint Of 2018

Did you feel the energy shift around mid-November?  As my eldest daughter neared her last week of school a couple of weeks back (her first year already gone?!), I felt a massive “slam the brakes on” type of energy. It caught me off guard, (surely it’s come too early?!) as there was still plenty my mind thought I had to achieve this year and indeed that I thought the High Council of Sages were asking me to complete too. Alas, their time is not the same as our earthly time.

I’ve been talking with my clients about a culmination energy that’s swept in – have you felt it? It’s like all these little threads that were dropped in throughout the year now suddenly begin to weave together and a new tapestry is beginning to take shape, or emerge, as the case may be!

Indeed, the 2017 theme of Emerge + Be Fearless has taken us right to the last days of the year, and our time of emergence is here — and it will be hinting towards your 2018 too.

The themes of the last quarter in particular drew us towards opening our (external and internal) eyes, particularly within our relationships, as we were called to focus on Soul Mates and our Heart Chakra. The quarter’s overall theme to see more clearly what’s calling my attention has played out – especially in terms of my relationship to my work, my clients and what’s emerging next… but more on that in a moment!

What’s come up for you – and what is it now asking you to see more clearly? And how will this begin to frame up your 2018?

What’s calling to me loud and clear this last quarter is the need to slow down, enjoy my family in our first summer in our (now recently renovated!) new home. It’s a time to celebrate, to unwind and surrender. To firmly plant myself in what’s been emerging for me all year and lovingly tend to it, nurture it and allow the bloom to not only grow, but thrive. There’s a shifting of my own internal seasons, and as I honour that, so much more will emerge.

Suffice to say, 2017 has been a big year of changes in my corner of the internet – a year of laying foundations, preparing, building, systemising, testing and rejigging. As I got the guidance from the High Council of Sages to “slam on the brakes”, it dawned on me the foundations are now (mostly) laid.

In keeping with the theme of the year, I have indeed Emerged + Be(en) Fearless – at work, at home and in my relationships. And now it’s time to rest and enjoy the fruits of my labour, before the next growth phase begins.

What lies ahead in 2018?

Waves of the 2018 energy are starting to gently caress my awareness as I begin to channel the High Council of Sage’s messages for the year ahead…. Yes, this is a hint: My FREE Collective Energy Forecasts will be back for 2018!

2018 is certainly bringing a new, welcome energy. While I do feel we will all need to turn back and look at the wake left by 2017, there is a new, lighter, energy creeping in. While I’m yet to complete my channeling of the High Council of Sage’s forecast for 2018, I’m seeing there are already themes of intimacy, union, connection, harmony and balance… which, after the themes of “Emerge + Be Fearless” this year, means there’s a true thriving after our year of blooming.

So, yes, I plan on bringing back my energy forecasts in more digestible, bite size pieces – like my free weekly newsletters! It’s taken me some time to be able to really hold this again.

In fact, as I’ve been rebuilding this year, I’ve taken on board all your feedback and I’m looking at reinstating many of your favourites…. keep an eye out in 2018 for:

  • More community connection and engagement (we’ve got a bit in the works for this!)
  • Openings in my calendar for a small amount of 1:1 readings
  • The FREE Weekly Collective Energy Forecast emails will be back
  • Deeper interaction with the forecasts – working with the energies in a deeper, more integrated way
  • And, more opportunity to engage with the new channeled work I’ve been bringing through, specifically for women following their inner guidance.

I’ve likened this year to birthing. Bringing my work into the world has taken everything from me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually this year. As it arrived, I had to interact with it as I would a newborn – let it take the lead and show me how it wanted to be nurtured and protected. But it’s now out of its infancy and ready to truly emerge in the world too – right on form with the forecast of the year!

The 2017 themes of “Emerge + Be Fearless” have taken massive internal reserves as I’ve rewired and upgraded all corners of my life this year. Now that’s occurred, now that what needed to emerge has, it’s time to tend to it anew.

I’m excited about what might be possible as we move into 2018 as a result.

So, keep an eye out for some more announcements coming your way soon!

But first, let’s take the time to honour the year that was, celebrate our fearless emergence and the transformation it’s brought through our relationships, health, work, finances and more… knowing its truly been working for you and what’s to unfold next.

And I can’t wait to share in that with you too!