A Guide To Letting Go

A Guide To Letting Go

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Ready to release your past or anything (or anyone) holding you back?

Ready to reclaim your power and move forward? 

We’ve created the ultimate kit, featuring practical tools to assist you to let go. This kit features the following individual items at a reduced price:

  • Letting Go Meditation
    Energetically release who or what no longer serves your highest good, focusing on letting go across all four bodies. Approx 20 minutes. 
  • Cutting Energy Cords Meditation
    Cut energy cords connecting you to others, clearing and freeing your energy so you can reclaim your power. Approx 14 minutes. 
  • A Guide To Letting Go eBook
    A step-by-step guide to what it really means to release, the difference between creating and reacting to change, the importance of letting go across all four bodies, Helen’s favourite practices for releasing and clearing space, how to maximise your releasing meditation (featuring information specific to the Letting Go and Cutting Energy Cords meditations), how to perform your own releasing ritual,
 creating aligned intentions, and
 how to create a birthing ritual.

By harnessing the information and tools of this kit, you will learn the practical steps in order to release, set free and let go.

Perfect to use alongside Helen’s regular forecasts, end of year, with the lunar cycle, or any other time you wish to create a releasing practise.