Mastery of the Oracle

Mastery of the Oracle

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Now you can read oracle cards like a pro - by learning from one.

Love your Little Sage Oracle Cards but wondering how best to use them?

You don’t need to be a psychic to get the most out of your oracle cards -- not with these tried and tested tips and tricks to read your cards like a pro.

Besides, The Little Sage Oracle Cards can be used for so much more than merely readings -- they’re a secret weapon to deciphering your path and purpose, they provide daily affirmations and can be used to manifest your desires.

Ready to get more out of your intuition and oracle cards?

Join Mastery of the Oracle today to learn:

How to invoke the magic of the oracle

  • Cleansing and infusing your deck
  • Connecting to your SST, Spiritual Support Team
  • Preparing for a reading
  • How to set your intention for the cards
  • How to ask the right questions

What's in the cards

  • How to interpret falling or jumping cards, multiple cards, upside down cards, combined meanings and more
  • 7 sample card layouts that create 20+ readings
  • Spreads and interpretations for readings on purpose, love, career, health & more.
  • How to interpret your cards beyond the reference book - recognise patterns, colours, hidden meanings and my own personal interpretations of the cards.

Be an oracle for others

  • How to begin performing card readings for family and friends
  • Build your intuition
  • Create your own reference library for signs and symbols
  • Critique sheet to build trust in your own interpretations and card readings

Gain instant access to this self-paced online course and master your oracle cards in no time.

This course specifically teaches working with The Little Sage Oracle Cards. If you do not already have a deck, click the "add to cart with cards" button to put them in your cart.