Q2 2022 Forecast

Q2 2022 Forecast

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Tune in to this audio recording as Helen Jacobs predicts the energy themes for the second quarter of 2022 — exploring dreams and a thinning veil between physical and non-physical realms. 

Part channelled prediction, part guided workshop, Helen not only guides you through the themes ahead, she also:

  • helps you connect with your Spiritual Support Team to understand your dreams and visions for your life 
  • provides key journaling prompts to explore
  • suggests additional supports to work with as the months unfold — a resource you can return to over and over. 

This forecast works in conjunction with:

  • 2022 Annual Collective Energy Forecast and
  • Q1 Energy Forecast 


You’ll receive: 

  • Channeled forecast for Q2 2022 (audio, 45 minutes) 

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