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The Little Sage Oracle Cards

Listen to guidance
What's in the cards

The perfect spiritual tool to include in your daily guidance practice, The Little Sage Oracle Cards can help you:

Perform intuitive card readings for yourself and others.

Reframe your mindset with the included daily affirmations.

Identify your inner work and healing.

Reveal your path and purpose.

You hold the answers in your hands.

support your spiritual journey
Simple guidance practice

Work with your oracle cards for daily guidance or for deeper exploration of your path and purpose.

With cards to explore soulmates, purpose, healing, expressison, chakra balancing and more, these cards will help you outline your spiritual journey and personal transformation.

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Oracle Card love

“I just was using your beautiful cards again the other day and wanted to share with you how much I love them. Thank you for sharing your light and love with us all”

Stephanie Rice,

Australian Olympic Gold Medal Winner

I received the oracle cards yesterday, (they arrived so quickly) and I was immediately blown away. They are absolutely gorgeous and I can feel how they have been created and cared for with the most wonderful intentions.


“I just had to say thank you. Your oracle cards are simply divine and I connect with them daily. Surprised each time by how much they tell me.”


This is the first set of oracle cards I have ever owned - I opened them up, held them in my hands and set an intention for using them. As I pulled a card from the deck, I was overwhelmed with a sense of closeness. Suddenly I had space to listen and I had physical sensations I have never felt before. 

The Little Sage Oracle Cards
The Little Sage Oracle Cards
The Little Sage Oracle Cards
The Little Sage Oracle Cards
The Little Sage Oracle Cards

The Little Sage Oracle Cards

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Oracle cards for inner guidance

Mastery of the Oracle

Learn to read cards

Dive into double meanings, interpreation, multiple card layouts and how to give speficic readings with Mastery of the Oracle.



Yes! The Little Sage Oracle Cards are perfect for those beginning their spiritual journey or new to giving card readings. They are also the same cards Helen Jacobs uses for all client sessions, collective energy forecasts and her personal practice.

Tarot and oracle cards are quite different.

Tarot cards have a long history in the occult and have a common meaning among all decks. Tarot cards follow the system of minor and major acarna across all decks.

Each deck of oracle cards on the market are different and do not share the same meaning and symbolism. The Little Sage oracle cards are closely linked with the themes and teachings of creator Helen Jacobs' work.

The Little Sage Oracle Cards include a reference book, which includes a guide to start using the cards and giving readings, along with meanings for all cards included.

There are specific colours, double and hidden meanings and additional interpretations which are taught in the Mastery of the Oracle course.