beautiful watercolour oracle cards

The Little Sage Oracle Cards

Learn to read what's in the cards
Read oracle cards
Trust your intuition

The Little Sage Oracle Cards by Helen Jacobs are a beautiful introduction to the world of oracle card readings.

Intuitively work with the cards, or pair them with the Mastery of the Oracle course, which teaches you how to perform readings for yourself and others.

oracle card reading for soulmates

How to best use your oracle cards

Daily guidance with oracle cards

Daily guidance

Turn a card each day, use your oracle cards to set your intention and manifest your dream day.

Sacred space

Create a beautiful space for your spiritual practice and routines, working in your oracle cards to the ritual.

Journal prompts

The Little Sage Oracle Cards are great as journal prompts, explore the card's theme, colours, affirmations and symbols.

oracle deck by Helen Jacobs

How to give oracle card readings

Working with oracle cards is a beautiful way to access your intuition and higher guidance from your Spiritual Support Team (your spirit guides).

Intuitively work with the cards for daily guidance, positive affirmations and insights to plan your day with heart. 

Build into your daily rituals, and perform oracle card spreads for energy forecasts, love and soulmates, career and purpose and more.