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Interpret oracle cards

Your oracle cards hold hidden and deeper meanings, if you know where to look. Learn how to read oracle cards with Mastery of the Oracle, by Helen Jacobs.

Mastery of The Oracle

Online course to learn reading the cards

Start giving oracle card readings today 

Mastery of the Oracle is a self-paced online program which teaches you to work with The Little Sage Oracle Cards to give readings for yourself and others.

Over four modules you'll learn

How to invoke the magic of the oracle

You'll start by cleansing and blessing your deck, then connecting with your Spiritual Support Team to prepare for a reading. Learn to set intentions and how to ask the right questions in a reading.

How to interpret oracle cards

What do jumping cards in a reading mean? What about upside down cards? Interpret these meanings, plus learn card layouts for intuitive readings on purpose, love, career, health & more.

How to read oracle card layouts

Learn how to give card readings for family and friends, build your intuition, create your own interpretations for signs and symbols and critique your own interpretations and card readings.

Decipher symbolism in card meanings

Learn to interpret the meaning of your oracle cards, recognise patterns, colours, hidden meanings and reveal personal interpretations never found in a guidebook.

Improve your oracle card readings like these happy customers

I love the homework I have to work on and there are so many things that really clicked! It what was I needed to hear and the guidance I was looking for.

It is so funny because the oracle cards I kept pulling in my own time, were the same as what Helen had in the reading- however she was able to give me a different insight and perspective. It was lovely to have this clarity.

The exercises will provide the basis for ongoing self reflection and inner work. I have much gratitude to express.

As I pulled a card from the deck, I was overwhelmed with a sense of closeness. Suddenly I had space to listen and I had physical sensations I have never felt before. 

Mastery of the Oracle
Mastery of the Oracle

Mastery of the Oracle

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