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A self-guided exploration

reconnecting you to yourself, your intuition, spirit and soul

It's time to end confusion & disconnection

If you're ready to...

  • slow down, honour your natural rhythms and create meaningful rituals
  • listen to and follow your inner voice
  • tread your own path, not everyone else's idea of where you ought to go
  • remember who you really are and why you're really here
  • ... then Connected is for you.

    Connect with your truth, and live it.

    Self-paced, your way

    Once you purchase Connected, you'll have immediate access to the entire course content, yours to work through at your own pace.

    Each module contains a video, Guidebook with multiple exercises and tools, and a suite of guided meditations.

    This is a Do-It-Yourself program... take your time, luxuriate in your connection. There's no rush here, no schedule, no classroom to turn up to. Just you, your guidance and your own personal practice.

    Let's face it, change is scary.

    Let me guide you to gently reconnect with everything you already know within.

    Module Overview

    MODULE 1 - Stillness. Silence. Space 

    This module is all about creating your Rhythm & Rituals — journaling, oracle cards, meditation, working with the lunar and menstrual cycles and more. 

    MODULE 2: Connect to self.

    Self-love and self-care are at the forefront, allowing you to surrender and come in deeper to yourself. As you do, you hear your inner voice and understand the layers of your being. 

    MODULE 3: Connect to spirit

    Open to the world of your spirit guides and become fluent in their language of sign, symbols and psychic info. 

    MODULE 4: Connect to soul 

    Receive elements of your soul blueprint, including pertinent information on your purpose, lessons and path. 

    MODULE 5: Intuitive Action Plan


    With this technique, you're ready to navigate the onward path more intuitively. 

    I'm Helen

    & I'll help get you Connected

    More than a decade ago, I took the leap from my PR job to become a full-time psychic. I had to learn how to slow down, to tune into my intuition, the world of spirit and act on all the guidance they gave me.

    What unfolded was a rapid up-levelling in how I lived... and the steps I used are all here in Connected.

    As I went in deeper to myself, my life and my true life path, I quickly grew my business from psychic readings to a flourishing online community. I'd love for you to join us.

    Connected not only takes you through the steps I personally followed as I moved from fast-paced PR to full-time psychic readings, but is the result of a decade of teaching these introductory principles, a perfect accompaniment to my book, You Already Know.

    Get Connected Today!

    Your intuition didn't lead you here, to only lead you here.

    It's time to go in deep, connect with your self, your intuition and your spiritual support team... they're calling to you, urging you forward and into the life you were born to live.

    Are you ready?


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