How To… Decipher Your Heart From Your Head

How To… Decipher Your Heart From Your Head

Listening to your spiritual heart — the truth of who you really are — is not always easy. Especially when your head interferes and confuses matters. And it is the spiritual heart, not the emotional heart, that is best to listen to – as these are different also. The emotional heart has much to offer, but when I refer to the head versus the heart, I’m really referring to the “heart of who you really are”.

So, how do you tell the difference? How do you know if you’re following your heart or your head?

1. Sit quietly thinking of an issue or problem in your life. (eg. I want to quit my job to become a psychic.)

2. Note on a piece of paper how it makes you feel. (eg. Scared – Where will the money come from? What will people think? It also makes me feel at peace – I know I’m not meant to be in this job, I feel there is some other reason to follow this feeling.  Moving on feels like freedom and the feeling isn’t going away, in fact, it’s growing.)

3. Now think about an ideal response to this issue and problem and note how it makes you feel. (The physical act of quitting my job makes me feel nervous, but the idea of following this feeling makes me feel free, happy etc. When I picture a different lifetsyle, I feel relaxed, open and more peaceful and loving.)

4. Look at what you’ve jotted down and see which heart you are listening to.

You are listening to your spiritual heart if:

  • There is no judgment
  • It is loving, joyous, open, fearless, expansive
  • It may not make logical sense
  • It ‘feels’ right (again, with no real logical explanation why)
  • Thinking about an option makes you happy, free, content, relieved, loved etc

You are listening to your head if:

  • It is judgemental (of you, the situation, others or the ideal solution)
  • It is fearful (where will the money come from? what will people think?)
  • It is too logical (already you can come up with reasons why something will or won’t work)
  • You think about other people and their expectations of you/the situation

Your spiritual heart CANNOT be wrong, but it may not make logical sense. You don’t always get the clarity around why you are pulled in a particular direction until after you have made a decision to follow the pull (if at all). Following it will always pay off – and not in the way you may imagine. And this is actually an important point – our intuition, our heart, is guiding us to where we will best learn our soul’s lessons, not necessarily the “happy ever after” our ego or head is hoping for.

In the example of me quitting my job and following my pull to be a full-time psychic, the work certainly took care of itself, but it also opened up opportunities I hadn’t imagined (relationships, living arrangements etc) simply because I’d opened myself to where I was meant to me. Like I said, you don’t always know why… but if you trust your spiritual heart, it will lead you where you need to be.