What to do with your deep, soulful desire.

What to do with your deep, soulful desire.

Standing on the edge of a soul dream, is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. It’s the most open, free, liberated I’ve felt… while also being intensely uncomfortable, almost unbearable, and the biggest stretch you feel you can possibly make.

I have been where you are now – in fact, I’m there right now.

I too have a deep pull, desire, a knowing. It’s been growing and gaining momentum in my being for so long now… except, now it’s anchoring, planting in to the earth and beginning to draw to me all I’ve been longing for for the past few years. It’s time for me – and you – to change, unleash, reveal. BLOOM.

And it’s not the first time I’ve worked the energy of my soul’s desire to help me manifest and birth into the world what I dream of. It’s not the first time I’ve understood that this yearning was the essence of my soul calling to me, guiding me back into alignment with my truth. I knew I had to listen.

Time and time again, I’ve followed my intuition, risked it all in devotion to my soul, and trusted that this call within me was greater than my fear. And time and time again, this trust and devotion has repaid me 10 fold… but it’s tested me in between.

Will power alone won’t make a soul call, or desire, manifest.

Sitting back, allowing, hoping you’re surrendered enough to draw the desire to you is also not enough to make the soul call manifest.

But there’s a sweet spot, a slipstream, you can sink in to, to make this desire manifest – but you won’t do it alone.

This desire, the pull, the call, the yearning is actually your soul’s blueprint, imprinting upon you your soul’s mission, the purpose, the offering, the impact you’re now to make upon the world. This soul call is the current imprint or transmission from your soul’s blueprint. It’s looking for a way to enter into the earth plane, via you, so it can be brought to life – not just for you, but for all those who will benefit from your soul call.

Just as your soul looked to find a mother to birth you into the world, your soul’s blueprint – your purpose, lessons, karma, and gifts – are looking to you to birth their essence into the world.

Any conception requires the meeting of masculine and feminine – you must know how to receive the soul call, the planting of your truth.

Any gestation requires nurturing, nourishing and support – and you must know how to hold and care for this energy, this life, that is entrusted to you. You must keep it safe, protect it, let it take form within you.

And when this desire is ready for birth, you’ll call in your support team, you’ll ride the waves of contraction and expansion and birth not only this desire – but your blueprint – to life.

You are that channel between heaven and earth – and you can bring your soul’s essence, blueprint and desire into your physical body, alchemise it, and you then will bloom and birth this life into form. You’ll birth yourself, your soul, into the earth plane.

You work with the heavens to receive the essence of your blueprint.

You work with the earth’s energy and your own four bodies to receive this energy.

Then use your body as the meeting point, to alchemise the energy of heaven and earth into form – thus giving life to your soul’s blueprint and all it contains.

Your soul is always guiding you – you already know how to do this. You just may need reminding.