Where This Energy Is Calling Me To Go

Where This Energy Is Calling Me To Go

2018 is calling us to emerge with the truth that is within us. I’m being called too. And, you know what, it terrifies me!

For some time now, I’ve been shown by my spirit guides the work I’m here to do in the world. Since I started channeling volumes of work from the High Council of Sages a few years back, this vision started to grow and shift – and the size and scope of what I saw was equal parts exciting and terrifying. In some ways, it left me feeling totally ill-equipped for what’s ahead.

You see, this work I’ve channeled from the High Council of Sages maps the somewhat predictable journey we all move through as we awaken spiritually and awaken to our Souls. The Council has explained to me the process and supports that are required at each particular phase, how to recognise you’re in a phase and indeed why you’re in it. I’ve channeled the processes and energetic upgrades to work with at each phase, and I’ve been busy implementing them in my own life.

The Council has shown me they want me to create a school, specifically a school for women working with guidance to follow their Soul Path, to help them understand what they’re moving through and how it’s working to help bring their Soul to the fore.

I’ve seen how this school evolves and that ultimately there are many schools, and that by the time I reach my death bed the thing I’ll be most proud of (behind my own children, of course) is the school established for children. That brings tears to my eyes, to know I might have such an impact… But it still scares me!

I know this work needs to reach many, many people. I know there will be a physical school in time. There are retreats and workshops and immersions and a whole team of people helping me to teach this work. I cannot do this alone!

I know there are many, many books – in fact, I have several of them (mostly) written now. They’re already channeled.

I know the school curriculum – because I’ve already channeled it, and begun teaching it. I can see how it’s already starting to expand. There is still more constantly streaming into me… if I wait for it to be complete, the school will never launch!

You may begin to see how overwhelming this may be, yes? To have everything I need to build and grow all of this, but much of it not yet materialised in physical form. So many practical, human-mind questions spin around this, and in truth, they’ve got the better of me of late.

I spent a great deal of time last year blocked, stagnant and frustrated as I couldn’t figure out how to make it all happen.

I started looking outside of myself and my own guidance for answers – to experts in business, marketing, finance etc. I was seeking advice and ideas from many sources, trying to figure out how I’d take this big vision and make it happen.

And I got so, so lost with the how.

Of course, this was part of the plan!

I was being guided right back to an earlier phase of the journey, a lesson I’ve covered many times before, and one I needed to be reminded of because it’s one of the central themes in the materials I teach.

I was being asked to come right back to the beginning, to start small and just be guided on each next right step. I will be guided on the how, always. But it will come from within and (most likely) won’t make sense to anyone else.

My Spiritual Support Team reminded me, to birth this school into the world, it would first need to arrive as an infant – it was never meant to arrive as a fully grown adult.

And so, this is the year I’ll lay more of the foundations for this work, for this school that will eventually emerge and reveal. It will grow in the way it wants to grow – not be forced into being by me.

It is also the year I’m being asked to stand up and share more fully and more publically the message of the High Council of Sages.

And, while I’m not sure what I’m to do with it just yet, I know these books need to be completed and brought out into the world, however that will be.

I was like a deer in the headlights last year, making small steps along the way, just to try and uplevel my energy, mindset and structures for this vision. I cannot stay a deer in the headlights anymore – now is the time to LEAP.

This period is reminiscent of all those years ago, when I left the safety and security of my job in PR to become a psychic. I remember the build up, the fears, delays, the actual pain manifest in my body as it is now… until one day I just leapt.

Today, I’m leaping once more.

Today, I’m giving voice to the very things that have terrified me and to my human self feels so unsure (of course, to my soul self, it’s a given and inevitable).

Of course, I can’t build this overnight; this is indeed my life’s work.

I also can’t build this alone, and I’m trusting I will also be guided to the right people to help me bring this to life, for it will be in their life’s mission too.

For now, I’m simply guided to do what I can, with what I have. It’s time to lay the foundations — and the curriculum, community and books must arrive.

So, here are some of the foundations being laid this year:

This step-by-step guidance is bringing me back to community, connection and service.
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I’m opening up a SMALL amount of 1:1 virtual Psychic Readings with me this year.
For more information and expressions of interest, hop over here.

The foundations for the school will arrive as I release the phases of the curriculum this year. More on this to come in the next few weeks – but class will start for phase 1 April 2018.
To find out more as details become available, go here.

The Little Sage Oracle Cards are making a comeback! I didn’t have the energy for this last year, but I still have some stock and I still get requests almost daily. So, these will be back soon!
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And my current program Seeker certainly feeds into the full curriculum, there’ll be more on that this year too.
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