Energy Update: It’s Action Time!

Energy Update: It’s Action Time!

Have you been feeling these big energies this year?  Fortunately, right now, it feels there’s a lighter energy available to us – a much welcome reprieve!  This is the glorious sensation of the expansion that comes after our earlier contraction.

But it’s critical we put it to good use.

Right now, this expansion energy brings us a call to action, but it must be Aligned Action.  Action in alignment with our soul.

Just what that Aligned Action is would have been shown to you through the contraction – through the heavier, darker, more chaotic energy earlier in the year.  That energy was most definitely turning us inward to reconsider just what is and isn’t aligned for us now.

During the contraction, so many of us experienced big changes in our outer world too – big shifts in our work and careers, our relationships and in how we view ourselves as women and mothers.  We may still be feeling the aftermath of this.  It will take time to reorganise after this change.

I’m certainly not immune to this – from the outside, you’ve definitely seen big shifts in my work this year, but the aftermath is currently moving through the zones of my relationships and motherhood.  Big time.  I’m being called into a new alignment with myself and Soul, in how I turn up in the world in these relationships, as a mother.

And it’s asking me to step forth in integrity to what I now know, to take action aligned with my Soul.

And it’ll be asking you to do the same too.

These energies are actually ideal.

These energies — both the contraction and expansions — work WITH us and FOR us, not against us.  These energies (and the associated big outer world changes) are helping to shape us, so our true Soul self can emerge.

And, these energies are not just working for us, they are working for the collective and indeed the Earth itself.

Our earth is also moving through great change.  She needs each of us to bring through the essence of our souls as never before, to understand the role we came here to play, the truth we are each here to offer to our world, at this time.  It is our individual role to play in healing our earth – just be being who we really are!

These energies are calling us into who we really are.

As we emerge through these changes, we are actually emerging as our truest selves.  We’re being called into that in our roles as women and mothers, as business owners or in our careers, in our creative pursuits, in our family dynamics… in just about every facet of our lives.

Whatever is inside us, must come through.  It’s written in the Earth’s blueprint, and you were born at this time to be a part of it. And these energies right now are ensuring you remember.

Right now, we’re primed for ACTION.  Aligned Action.  This is a time of fearless emergence (the theme of 2017), but it takes new qualities within us.  We must learn how to ride these new energetic waves and how to bolster our internal world to take full advantage of these energies.  

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