When you feel the urgency – but no guided action?

When you feel the urgency – but no guided action?

In the Trusting the Guidance Within workshop last week, I touched on how the High Council of Sages tell us time is of the essence and we no longer have to go it alone as we collectively are in a time of quickening on our soul’s path.

Over the years, I’ve at times felt waves of urgency with the guidance I’d receive… and then crickets. Maybe you’ve felt that too?

It’s like we become, at times, fueled by the urgency to act, to heal, to bring through the very thing our soul has incarnated here to offer… and then, despite the sudden clarity, we’re just as unsure because the urgency doesn’t necessarily come with a barrage of actions to take – or worse, we try and force the outer world actions to meet the urgency we’re flushed with.

The High Council of Sages are assigned to the growing numbers of us now awakening to our soul path. If you’re in this community, this is you! And as the collective is awakening on mass, time really is of the essence. The urgency is building – because we must each take responsibility for our own healing journey, and to bring through what our soul is here to offer.

As the movement itself is quickening, we can’t delay any longer – we have to do the work our soul came here to do.

We can’t afford to figure it all out through trial and error – the quickening won’t allow it.

Now – don’t get me wrong. We are each where we need to be, learning what we need to learn at the pace that’s right for us.

What I’m talking of here, is when you feel the urgency to get moving on your soul path, but then… nothing.

Tune in – is it really nothing?

Or are you being called into the first test of trust?

We don’t receive that urgency for no reason… it’s alerting us to the importance of doing the work – and as I teach in Guided Living – knowing how to then find the next steps helps us turn that urgency into guided outer action.

The wave of urgency is part of the awakening – but we must co-create with the force that’s calling us forward. We can’t sit back and think it’ll all just take care of itself. We must play an active role in doing all we can to move through the awakening before us – and stay open to the messengers, teachers, books, conversations, offerings that help to lead us to the next step, then the next.

Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve observed that as we turn inward, we often forget to simultaneously stay open to the world around us too. We’re not meant to go it alone – and the High Council of Sages has warned us of trying to figure it out all on our own.

If it’s not your soul path to figure it out, in order to help others – why would you?

And it’s been my Soul Path to channel and document this – wouldn’t you want to benefit from my life’s work? It would be an honour for it to be of service to you, should you feel called to it.

We always have a choice on whether we act on who or what arrives to support us, but to miss the opportunity because it doesn’t look how we thought it would, is counter-productive.

We must each take responsibility for our path, our choices, our energy – but we must also take responsibility to be open to the help and support being offered. All of life is acting to support us in our quest – if we must be open and willing to see what’s being offered and accept it.

The urgency comes because we’re each being called to follow our guidance onto our path – but if we don’t take the next step to support ourselves, we don’t receive the next puzzle piece of the map ahead. And in those early stages, we’re often asked to not go it alone.

If you have felt that working with me, or joining Guided Living would be of service to you along your path, please come join us. You don’t have to go this alone – and may my life’s work be of true service to you.