Feeling Stuck? It’s Guiding You Deeper.

Feeling Stuck? It’s Guiding You Deeper.

Have you ever felt stuck? I sure have. It’s heavy, confusing, stifling. It feels like we “off our path”, going backwards, or nowhere at all.

If we’re not careful, that feeling – and the discomfort it stirs up within us – can trick us into thinking it’s a sign to stop, avoid, circumvent, rework, overcome, or some other such idea. And it might ultimately be the guidance we arrive at, but there’s an important process before we reach that interpretation.

When we’re stuck in a rut, discomfort, avoidance, resistance and fear, we also end up feeling quite disconnected – to ourselves, and certainly our guidance, even though we feel like this is when we need it the most. When we are in the throes of this discomfort, we often find it harder to hear the guidance of our Spiritual Support Team and our own intuitive senses.

Thinking our way out of our feelings isn’t going to work. Chances are, it’s the thinking that got us into this state to begin with!

No, we need to feel our way through our feelings.

And to understand the correlation of our emotions, energy, thoughts and actions – and how to work across them all to clear the way back to clearer guidance and direction.

Our stuckness, discomfort, disconnection, dissatisfaction, frustration is, in fact, guiding us… but not to make changes and choices in our outer world. Rather, these feelings are guiding us to come back within our hearts, into our inner world to effect change. As we turn inward, we will be guided to the root cause of these feelings and as we work with the Guidance Cycle of clearing, healing and restoring what we find there, we create the way to manifest the new. And of course, what we then create must be in alignment with our own unique soul path and purpose.

These frameworks and process – and their interconnectivity – is what I’ve been channeling from the High Council of Sages and it forms the foundations of Guided Living.

When we do the work of going within – and knowing what tools we need to call on in which moment – is not a naturally known thing to us all. And even if we follow our guidance, it’s hard to reach for a higher frequency or guiding being when we feel stuck in lower vibrations. When we know what we’re truly being guided to work on – and we action that – we will feel lighter and more ready to move forward – and only then are we likely to see whether it’s along the same path we were originally walking.

While we are each on different Soul Paths, there are common themes in how we are being guided through our healing journeys associated with our unique soul paths. It’s a practice – but one available to each and every one of us.

In sharing what I’ve channeled over the years I hope navigating your own Soul Path becomes easier and less confusing – and certainly fewer moments of feeling stuck.

If you’re feeling stuck and are ready to start approaching it with a new toolkit, Guided Living is sure to help you. You’ll not only reach for the higher guidance available to you, but also learn how your feelings (and thoughts, energy and physical reality) is guiding you back into the heart of your true self – clearing, healing and restoring what you find there, so you can manifest and create in accordance with what you were born to do – and who you were born to be.