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Guided Living is coming soon.

The all new program + curriculum by Helen Jacobs arriving in April 2018

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  • GUIDED LIVING – this is an introductory program building the foundations of opening to, interpreting and trusting the guidance you receive. I share with you the teachings from the High Council of Sages, showing us how our guidance is linked to our soul blueprint and how, if we follow each aligned action step, we clear, heal and restore so we are best placed to manifest the full richness of our soul’s blueprint.
  • GUIDED WOMEN – we start to build on the Guided Living principles and walk the Soul Path, guided step-by-step. In these core teachings, we explore the pitfalls along that path – when it feels like we can no longer see, when we seem to be led somewhere we weren’t expecting, and it feels like we’re so far off the path we must’ve done something wrong! Once we can overcome those challenges, we understand this is part of the process of preparing. We must move through healing and preparation to receive the full richness of our soul.