How Spirit Suggests I Spend My Day

How Spirit Suggests I Spend My Day

Life has given me plenty of Hard No answers lately, every time I’ve tried to proceed with my plans. I spoke about this on a recent episode of The Guided Collective Podcast. After getting sick for the first time in over four years, I had no other option than to surrender and stay in bed for days.

As everything stopped and fell to the wayside, I asked my spirit guides how they suggest I course correct. I’ve emerged from a particularly busy period as I edited my manuscript and worked an incredibly busy client period, while also preparing the business for the book’s arrival (oh so soon!). Spirit’s response was not what I was expecting. I thought I’d get an action plan of which administrative tasks to do when. Instead, they wanted me to focus on love, beauty, and pleasure. Below is their channeled guidance as it appeared, word for word, in my journal.

“You must be the artist, the sculptor, and the creator. You must bring this vision to the fore. You must work diligently, giving it time to arrive. Patience and trust that this work knows how it wants to come into form.

You are to prepare to meet it every day. This must be your day:

  1. Family and food, with joy and love. Do this with honour and dedication.
  2. Movement. Nature/outdoors. (For example, walk the kids to school, walk the dog, go hiking)
  3. Write. Channel. Express. Create.
  4. Admin and tending work.
  5. Lunch break.
  6. Client work.
  7. Gratitude practice for the work.
  8. Time with your girls. PLAY. It is so important to play.
  9. Food. Music. Comfort.
  10. Evening reflections and devotions. Reading and nurturing.

Then, within this routine, there will be revelations. You will begin to commune with the work anew. You’re not off path, just now coming in deeper.”

In truth, the order of this day is not so far removed from my current routine, but the way it is written and where the focus is placed changed my feelings towards it immensely. No more rushing with the kids. No more juggling projects and priorities, but rather very clear time to create, and clear time to produce and serve.