How to Try Automatic Writing

How to Try Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a tool you can use to open to your guides or higher self to receive specific guidance and insight. It is something which may require a lot of practice. The first time I tried it, I got some random words and scribbles. Now, I can sit for hours at a time and write pages and pages full of specific names, dates, information, and predictions.

Try these steps to start you on your own automatic writing journey:

Step 1: Sit down in a quiet spot with a notepad and pen and jot the date and time at the top of the page. You might like to meditate, or simply take a few minutes to still your mind and focus on your breath. When you feel calm and centred, pose a question you would like to ask. Try and keep the questions pretty simple to start. The more you practice, the more complex the question you might like to ask.

Step 2:  Without thinking about an answer, jot down whatever comes into your mind at the time. It might be a word, a phrase, a picture. To begin, it may be nothing at all. Don’t worry if this is the case, simply keep trying. This one does take a bit of practice. As you are working with your guides, your first questions may be about them (what is their name, what do they guide you on) and then you can build up to the more predictive questions (what job should I do, where should I live, etc).

Step 3: Continue on in this fashion until you feel you are ready to stop.

By dating the entries, you can always go back to check what you wrote and how it linked to what happened. With practice, I now have 30 notebooks which predict what’s coming up for me – I’ve predicted my partner, us moving in together and getting engaged, changes and growth with my work and opportunities to decline.

What does your writing tell you?