How to Listen to Your Intuition: Head versus Heart

How to Listen to Your Intuition: Head versus Heart

We’ve already shown you how to pay attention to what your body is telling you as a way to listen to your intuition. As that post mentioned, while your body may indicate one response, it may be at odds with what your mind is telling you. Thus, the battle of heart versus head.

How do you know which is which and what they’re saying?

  1. The heart

When I say heart, I mean your spiritual heart or centre, not your emotional heart, which actually can complicate matters further. You may find it easier to think of it as your true self, your spirit. Many people, myself included, feel this located in their heart/chest area.

To be honest, it really doesn’t matter what you call it. As long as you recognise there is a part of you which is pure, open, loving, non-judgmental, spacious, free, and flexible. This is who/what you really are when you peel back the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

  1. The head

If your heart is your spiritual body, the head then is most definitely your mental body. The thinking, rational home. The head is also home to the ego – and not necessarily the arrogant, cockiness you may think of when someone is described as egotistical, or self-centered.

Rather, the ego I refer to is that part of you which bombards you with constant mind chatter. That chatter is usually focused on facts and figures, pros and cons, is judgmental, spends a lot of time wondering “what if?” and tends to be limited in its viewpoint, as it doesn’t know all the answers. The mind and its thinking is indeed an important, useful tool, but it’s not who you really are, nor is it connected to that bigger element that connects us all – that is reserved for the heart.

Ever noticed yourself thinking? Which part is thinking and which part caught it? Generally, the head is thinking and the heart caught it.

Which wins: the heart or the head?

That is your decision – you have free will (a whole other post!) but I urge you to follow your heart. As your true self, your spiritual core, your heart is connected to something much bigger. It is energy, it flows and knows where you’re meant to go, even if it doesn’t lay out the steps (as the head will beg it to do). The head, in its more logical, step-by-step approach is not aware of the bigger picture and panics when it cannot see the process or map laid out ahead of it. It doesn’t know what your soul is here to do, what you’re meant to learn. The head is fearful and often convinces you to stay where it knows how to be in control. It works hard to convince you to listen to and follow it, rather than your heart.

Wouldn’t you prefer to trust in something which knows the bigger life path for you, then relying on a very limited understanding of your path? This is not an easy thing to master, yet, it is at the core of being able to follow your intuition.

Remember, intuition is not meant to be logical. It simply gives you gentle nudges in a particular direction and your job is to trust that something bigger is at play. In following this, you will end up where you need to be and only in looking back and you see your way forward.  For this to happen, you must be centered in your heart, not your head.

What do you think? Do you end up relying on your head, because it leads you somewhere safe or ‘reliable’ or are you able to leap out from your heart?