Introducing my spiritual support team

Introducing my spiritual support team

Let me introduce you to my ‘Spiritual Support Team’ – the group of light beings, spirit guides and angels I work with daily.

You too have a Spiritual Support Team; a team of higher energies devoted to you, your path and advancing your soul. They are available to you in any given moment, always present, even when you’re not aware of them. Your Spiritual Support Team is eager, waiting and ready to work with you.

They communicate with you through your intuition and psychic ability. It is their language, albeit a symbolic and energetic one. Becoming fluent in intuition opens you to the wisest spiritual mentors and group counsel available.

Let me introduce you to key players in my team:

Introducing my little sage

My little sage is really my true or highest self; me at my highest energetic level possible, without the compounding confusion of my current physical, mental or emotional body. This version of me is connected to that greater power (which I call the Universe) so it already knows my path, truth, lessons and purpose. It knows my soul’s agreements and the karma I’ve accumulated.

I think of my little sage as a separate being with a personality all of its own, a friend I have come to know and love. A friend who knows every intricate detail of my life – better than I know myself – who guides me from the highest place possible, listens without judgement, loves without conditions, forgives without question. They’ve always got my back.

Despite not always listening or even acknowledging them, this friend never leaves. They aren’t keeping a tally of my progress or discretions. They pick up where I left off and all the while will guide me even when I’ve tried to block out their voice.

My little sage is my inner voice, an inner radar pointing me where I need to go to best experience what I must for my growth and development. My little sage is all knowing, sometimes withholding, often amusing, always loving, gently nudging, patiently waiting, consistently guiding.

Learning the language of intuition introduced me to my little sage, but our relationship strengthened with a dedication to self love and self care. The health of the relationship is both determined and measured by my self love and care practice.

You have a little sage too, a very wise inner voice wanting to communicate with you.

Introducing Chris

As well as my little sage, I have a wonderful spiritual support in Chris. Although, Chris is not really just one person, he is several. In fact, he’s not really a person at all. Chris is the pet name my husband, Gary, gave to my group of spirit guides.

I’ve always shared with Gary my communications with my guides. Early in our relationship, he realised there were too many guides to keep a track of and he found it a lot easier to refer to the group of guides as one. At the time, it was also a lot more comfortable in public to refer to Chris, rather than “my spirit guides” in conversations.

The name stuck. My family and friends now also know Chris as Chris. He’s like an additional member of the family; people often ask after him.

Chris actually includes:

  • my main spirit guide
  • a gatekeeper guide I’ve seen since I was about six
  • a group of higher light beings who occasionally give me bigger picture insights and predictions for humanity as a whole
  • a more maternal, feminine guide who helps me with motherhood and relationships
  • guides for my psychic readings and life coaching
  • guides for my automatic writing
  • a business mentor who has led me through establishing my work
  • a creative writing guide

See how we found it easier just to call them all Chris?

Chris is a very big part of my life. While each of my guides has their own unique energy and ‘personality’, Chris has taken on a character all of his own and I’m looking forward to you getting to know him too.

Introducing other key members

Without going into detail into each of them individually, I want to mention others I work with in spirit from time to time.

  • People in spirit (such as family members who’ve now passed away)
  • Archangel Michael – for energetic clearing and protection
  • Archangel Raphael – for healing
  • Archangel Gabriel – for writing and communication
  • My guardian angels
  • And new angels we call on for Isla