Intuition 101 Kit

The Intuition 101 Kit includes:

✴ 10 Tips to Build Your Intuition in 10 Minutes a Day: Your intuition will lead you where you need to go – but with just 10 minutes practise a day, the bigger life decisions unique to your path, soul lessons and purpose will be much easier to navigate.

✴ Head vs Heart Guided Meditation: This meditation audio helps you connect with your heart, and to know its guidance as different to your head's guidance.

Just as with any other relationship, it may take time to become familiar and comfortable with your intuition.

Spend time determining how your intuition communicates with you to develop trust in its message.

When I began building my intuitive muscle, I started with just one small thing a day, for a few minutes a day. Over the years, I intuitively felt called to spend more and more time on these practices.

Start where you feel drawn the most – your intuition knows what you need most right now.

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