Intuitive living has circled around me again

Intuitive living has circled around me again

For some time now, my spirit guides have been talking about this next energetic wave we are collectively riding. We are each being asked to move in deeper to our soul’s truth. There is a recalibration at play right now, bringing us face to face with some big life lessons and, as we move through those lessons, we are being moved deeper into our soul’s truth.

Of course, this is what underpins intuitive living and life itself – it’s always at play. What’s changed, however, is the collective scale at which we are all now moving through this. The Collective’s Blueprint is now moving so many souls onto new pathways. For some, it’s the first time they’ve been called to follow their intuition – these are fresh initiates to what I call the intuitive living path.

For others, there’s a whole new recalibration and up-leveling occurring. Many have applied the living intuitively principles for some time now – and for me, it’s been the cornerstone of my life for almost a decade – and we’re now being moved from initiate to master.

My soul is showing me a new way forward. I am being shown I cannot continue to hide, play small, stay safe. I have been told in no uncertain terms I must write this damn book I keep dancing around. Parts of my recent lessons have ensured I am truly ready and open to write what will really serve.

And I’ve been shown all that I must let go of in order to birth this book and my soul’s work into the world.

The signs: When things aren’t working

There are always signposts or makers along the intuitive living path. For the past few years, I kept wanting to go down “This Path” while life and my soul said: “No, That Path.”

A good sign that things aren’t working: life starts to jam up around you.

I know the signs. Fatigue. Disconnect. “Once I get this done, then I’ll do/have X”. Sick kids. Running. Drowning. Never getting on top of anything.

Small niggles individually. Until collectively, they present a massive knock about the head. Or, as was the case for us, several injuries, ailments and an ER visit in quick succession to force the clear directive to SLOW DOWN and SURRENDER.

One or two niggles can indicate a slight misalignment, a chance to quickly and relatively painlessly course-correct.

When they gather speed and momentum and you’re pulling out your hair and yelling: “What the hell is going on here?!” there is a far bigger misalignment at play.

Following the signs

Coming up against the roadblocks, or recognising the signs to course-correct, doesn’t necessarily mean give up, give in, go back. They don’t even mean go around, go over, push through, conquer.

Really, these signs are there to nudge you into deep self-enquiry. They’re there to nudge you deeper into the principles underpinning intuitive living.

These signs are there so you move from what’s jammed up into an exploration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to unjam and unblock, restoring flow, joy and ease.

These signs are there so you call in your Spiritual Support Team (intuition, spirit guides and light beings) and even your Physical Support Team (healers, coaches, practitioners, community, friends) to mirror back to you what you’re having trouble seeing yourself.

These signs are there so you consciously and actively engage in the Four Step Process to clear, heal, restore then manifest change from the deepest soul level.

For almost the past two years, layer by layer, I cleared and healed – yet again – before finally coming face to face with a very old, outdated limiting belief, an old dream and old identity that was tripping me up. Once I surrendered and faced it heart-on, everything transformed, clearing the way for me to move on once more.

Of course, we will each have different signs, or different “classrooms” and “teachers” as we learn our lessons. And yet, in some shape or form, we will each face old beliefs, patternings and energy blocks that we simply cannot move forward with. We must remove all the untruths to fully reveal our soul truth.

When we clear through old limitations, we clear the way for more of our soul’s blueprint to reveal, for soul to lead us forward into the new terrain and ultimately manifest that which our soul truly desires.

We cannot take the old into the new our soul is asking us to enter.

This collective up-leveling is demanding we each face our old limitations and leave them behind; the lessons feel a little “heavier” or “deeper” than before. Not just for our own growth, but the collective’s.

If not this, then what?

I know my soul is here to share this intuitive living method with you. My ego’s how was tripping me up and honestly (and sadly), it had taken me away from my why.

I’ve spent some time reconsidering my priorities. Who and what are truly important to me. I’ve asked myself repeatedly “What is it you really want?”

And my soul answered loud and clear.

The book is coming. My soul won’t let me off the hook any longer.

And to allow me the space and freedom to write, I long for simplicity, genuine connection and quality over quantity. I want to be with my baby girls and offer my soul gifts to just a small group of people. That’s it. No more bells and whistles.