January’s Energy And How To Put It To Use

January’s Energy And How To Put It To Use

This year has started with a “get stuff done” kind of energy – and not necessarily just the typical start-of-year hoopla, but a genuine energy of refocusing us, clarifying our direction and rerouting where needed.

In my free 2018 Collective Energy Forecast (you can still download that here), I spoke about the first few weeks of January being an accelerated time… it’s like loads of plans, dreams and visions were activated, but there is also a physical “delay” as it takes time to drop into the current 3D reality.

Many people have spoken about not feeling the surge, or the oomph to get started – and this may also be signaling there is a clarification required in what it is you really want (which by the way, is perfect and part of the process!)

There is also quite a masculine energy at play here – we are being asked to tidy up our systems and structures, our supports for self and our lives, to ensure we are as efficient as possible.

You may recall from the 2018 Collective Energy Forecast that the theme for the month of January is MANIFEST and the theme for the first three months of the year is CHANGE – you may be beginning to see that to manifest, or to bring into form that which Soul wants to bring through you, requires great CHANGE – change in vision, change in energy, and certainly a change in approach.

The approach for 2018 asks us to strike a balance between the masculine and feminine, a balance between aligned action and surrendered receiving.

Yes, there is a whole new slipstream opening up to us – a way we now get to work with the Universal energy in a much easier way… but we need to have done the preparation to allow us to do that.

And so if you’re not feeling the ease, if you’re not yet feeling like things have fallen into place – it’s really just pointing back within, to look inside for the answers you need.

  • What is it time to let go of? (Old ideas, identities, beliefs, expectations for example)
  • What is really wanting to come into form now?
  • And what does this really require of/from you? (i.e. who might you need to be to allow this to come into form)

Soul is at the helm here, and these Universal energies are working to bring each and every one of us back into our own Soul slipstream – and we can ride the collective slipstream to help that happen.

I’ll be talking about this more in the All I See free Facebook Community.

All I See is a deep dive into the energies, where I’ll channel the guidance from the High Council of Sages and allow them to guide us through the energy activations and upgrades to help us find this balance of masculine and feminine and to bring about change in our lives, to bring into form that which is now ready.

This year, I’ve added a whole new community element – to discuss the energies and your experiences with other women also riding the waves.

Come join us here and share how you’re year has started.