Journaling Prompts for Spiritual Growth

Journaling Prompts for Spiritual Growth

You know I’m a fan of journaling, right? When it comes to self-discovery, it’s a no brainer. Keeping track of your progress and growth can be a powerful reminder of how far you’ve come.

Hopefully, you took to heart my tips in the how to make the most out of journaling post and have found yourself a beautiful notebook dedicated to this practice. Today, I want to give you some journalling prompts.

What to record in your spiritual growth journal:

  1. Daily dot points. This is usually the first thing I do in each journal entry. Just a couple of dot points about what’s going on in my daily life. What’s troubling me, questions rolling around in my mind, my general mood and outlook. You may want to write more than dot points, and on occasion I do. However, I find it’s too much about me then, and less about the guidance waiting for me.
  2. Automatic writing. This is the bulk of my journaling, but as you get started it may be a smaller portion of your work. This is great for asking specific questions and receiving specific insights. When written below your daily dot points, you start to get a sense of what your guides are wanting you to address. (Try this post on how to try automatic writing.)
  3. Dream interpretations. Keeping track of your dream interpretations in the same notebook as your other observations help to build depth into your personal growth. You’ll start to notice the same symbols, or perhaps feed into the signs and symbols you receive in waking life. The meanings are also useful to have alongside your daily dot points.
  4. General observations (intuition, hunches, etc). Carry your notebook around with you to jot these down throughout the day when they strike.
  5. Reference guide. I used to start this at the back of my notebooks and work through until the notes from the front met somewhere in the middle. You may find it easier to buy an index notebook specifically for your symbols and references. Just like developing your own dictionary. Jot down the symbol, then what it means to you.
  6. Meditation notes. After completing meditations, you may remember some key insights, or emotions. Writing these impressions down not only helps you remember them but when recorded in conjunction with everything else, starts to show you a bigger, deeper picture of what’s going on in your life. You may also start to identify other areas for guidance or clarity… so then, go back to your automatic writing, perhaps?
  7. Affirmations and intentions. You can either record these as notes in your journal as you come to them, or I have been known to write them out, over and over – just like writing lines in school. Repetition is key with these, I find.

Do you have something else you record in a journal?