Love Is Love – And Just As Predicted

Love Is Love – And Just As Predicted

As I write this post, we have just received a YES vote for marriage equality in Australia – a perfect example of how the Collective Energy themes from the High Council of Sages for these last months of 2017 are playing out on a large scale.

In my last Collective Energy Forecast for the year (held in October), we were given the overall theme for these last few months as the “Third Eye Chakra” card, coming with a meaning of “Clear Seeing.” This coupled with November’s turned theme of “Soul Mates” and December the “Heart Chakra” card we can see just how recognising the rights of all Australians to love and marry whomever they wish is a perfect example of how these Collective Themes play out on a broad scale.

But, they’ll play out for us individually too.

  • Where are you being called to see more clearly in your life right now – within your inner world? Your outer world? Your past, present, or future?
  • Where you are being called to see from the higher perspective of your Soul? What needs this level of insight in your life right now?
  • What’s shifting and changing in your own relationships – what needs to be seen more clearly within them?

Of course, we also need to see this within the broader context of the overall 2017 theme of “Emerge + Be Fearless.” For these coming months, individually we will be emerging with some new sense of self within our lives – for many it will be within the relationship space. But, it may just as easily turn up as a fearless emergence in some other area of our life, which will impact our relationships and how we are seen now, in our emergence.

Through this blooming, we are asked to focus on our heart, our unconditional love, our karmic soul agreements and see things for what they really are, we will emerge as we really are too.

As we move into a typically busy time of year, don’t forget to keep grounded and anchored within yourself and indeed with these themes. Draw into your relationships, see them for what they really are – shaping you, growing you, loving you in ways you may not yet even see clearly.

Continue to work with your third eye chakra and heart chakra in particular as we move through these last months of the year – it will help strengthen you for what’s ahead in 2018.

Help support your clear seeing, emergence and changing relationships (even with self):

  • Work with your chakras, especially your third eye and heart chakras
    • Meditation
    • White light
    • Work with the colour purple / green
    • Crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz
  • Carve out time for journaling and reflection
  • Seek out additional support – mentors, counsellors, therapists etc
  • Be willing to let go of old ideas and identities of self – let the new emerge

In the last Forecast, the High Council of Sages also suggested over these months that we:

  • Drink more water
  • May get more pressure around the head and forehead – headaches and the like (they told us this is just the physical body trying to keep up with the energetic up-leveling and not to be too concerned)
  • Tweaking diet – follow your own body’s needs and intuition, but there is a message here for clean eating and consuming water-rich foods
  • Circling back to old foundational supports – eg old meditation practices
  • Creative expression will be important