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MASTERCLASS SERIES Connection. Experience. Transformation.

Join me for a full immersion, deep-dive Online Masterclass Series - delivered live, online and totally interactive.

Over three separate events, this Masterclass Series will lead you through discovering your purpose, connecting with guidance, intuiting your path, moving through the inner growth and transformation that comes with your awakening, finishing up with connecting with the essence of your purpose -- over 3 deep-dive days.

These are experiential events - we'll cover the theory, but apply it via meditations, exercises, discussions, Q&A and more -- so you'll leave each Masterclass with not only the knowledge but the embodiment of the new.

As Each Masterclass builds on the next, you'll get the most out of attending all three events, but you're welcome to attend just the classes you need.

For each Masterclass, our group will gather together in an online meeting room. I'll lead you through the teachings, meditations, exercises - while you're in the comfort of your own home. I'll be right there with you, as you ask your questions and share your experiences, in real time.

Each Masterclass will run via a virtual meeting room from 10am – 2pm, Brisbane Australia time (so adjust for your time zone).

Join me for one, or all, of the upcoming Masterclass Series

Path & Purpose Masterclass

October 6, 10am-2pm


MASTERCLASS ONE: Path and Purpose

Often, we can feel a little lost and confused, unsure of who we really are and what we have to offer - and yet, we feel the call in our hearts that something is trying to get our attention.

If you feel this way, this workshop is for you.

In this Masterclass, you'll:

  • connect with your intuition, spirit guides and Soul - and understand the difference between them, and your fears and ego
  • understand the various threads to your purpose and see you are already exactly where to be
  • workshop the clues so far to your path and purpose
  • open your channels to receive additional guidance on your path and purpose through energy work and meditation
  • work with your intuition, spirit guides and Soul to create a real action plan to move your forward
  • I'll guide you through the meditations, exercises, tools and techniques together - there to help you interpret your guidance, explore the possibilities and prepare you for the onward journey.

    And you'll be primed and ready for Masterclass Two, the deep inner transformation your purpose will ask you to move through to prepare to live it out.

    Inner Transformation Masterclass

    November 3, 10am-2pm.


    MASTERCLASS TWO: Inner Transformation

    As you set forth on your path and purpose, your guidance begins to lead you through a powerful inner transformation, clearing the past and preparing you for the New Soul-Aligned You.

    Think of this Masterclass as an intensive healing day, where we'll:

    In this Masterclass, you'll:

  • Take a diagnostic look across your energy, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • Work with your intuition, spirit guides and Soul to understand the inner transformation - and how it links to your outer world
  • Intuit and map your own healing process and develop your own healing toolkit
  • Access the Future You and Soul Guides and move through a process to embody this energy in your physical body, ready to transmit and radiate from this place
  • This is a brilliant energetic shake-up and deep dive into your limitations, beliefs, blocks, emotional "baggage" and energetic kinks. You'll leave this Masterclass lighter and clear on the supports you need.

    Once you've cleared, healed and restored your inner world -- across all layers and dimensions -- you'll be ready for your Soul's work to move through you, and to be birthed into the world, the focus of Masterclass Three.

    Live Your Purpose Masterclass

    December 1, 10am-2pm


    Live Your Purpose

    Connect with the essence of your big vision & purpose, let it guide you on how it wishes to move through you and into physical form.

    This Masterclass is where Big Vision meets Soul Strategy - we'll connect you to the Source and let it reveal your next steps to bring this into form.

    In this Masterclass, you'll:

  • Connect with the essence and guiding being of your Soul's Work and Vision
  • Integrate this vision through your body - and intuit what is not in alignment and needs attention
  • Map the timeline of this vision and download the Aligned Action Steps this work requires you to take in order to bring it through
  • Practical planning to create this in your everyday life
  • When you complete this workshop after the first two, you'll have moved through an intensive preparation, transformation and birthing process, ready to live out exactly what you're meant to bring through.

    Join me for one, or all, of the upcoming Masterclass Series

    For the woman ready to walk her intuitive path with radical trust & heart felt alignment Helen is the soul guide for you. Her depth of perception & experience reaches beyond dimensions, guiding you to magical new heights & depths of intuitive alchemy. This woman is the embodiment of a spiritual sage and the perfect guide to bring you home, to your soul path.

    Jenna Ward, Embodiment Teacher

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