My spirit guide’s take on my soul path

My spirit guide’s take on my soul path

If you listened to this week’s episode of The Guided Collective Podcast, Episode 26: From guidance to living your soul path (listen here), then you may have heard me share the story of the epilogue to my book. During the writing process, my spirit guides (whom I call Chris), channeled an epilogue to the book. During the editing process, the epilogue was cut. While recording the podcast episode, though, Chris prompted me to share it anyway.

And so, here’s Chris’s perspective on my soul path and the journey I went on to bring You Already Know to life.

This has been quite the Soul adventure — and human adventure — for our beloved, Helen. She has no idea the impact this work will have, nor what is about to open up for her as a result of this book. Despite our best efforts to highlight this for her, she has still underestimated what’s ahead.

Many years ago, we first shared with Helen a vision of her future. We’ve added to it over time. We’ve told not only of this book (and several subsequent), but visions of her speaking on stages around the world, channelling and teaching for many. We’ve shown her the countries she’ll travel to, some where she will live, and many of the pivotal people she will meet. We have mapped the advanced trainings and materials, as well as the forms and timings we wish for it, as it comes into being. There is still so much for Helen, and for all upon the awakening pathway. So many new beginnings will come from Helen’s beginning’s end. It was a delight, for us, to watch this unfold with her love and her children. To oversee the book come into form fulfils our purpose, too. We too are excited for the onward journey.

It is interesting to us to watch it all unfold. Not being in physical form, we cannot truly appreciate the dilemmas Helen, or you, have faced. We’ve tried to understand her perspective; we know we challenge her at times. We appreciate the great divide. This would not work without it.

We can see how this has, at times, stunted her. The pressure too great. She often tells us of the challenge of seeing her future ahead of time — and yet, would any of this have worked without it? We’ve seen her struggle to fulfil it, wanting to achieve what her Soul agreed to. We can also see why her Soul chose an upbringing and education that valued such ambition and success.

In other moments, it’s propelled her. The very thing that has produced the conviction she holds for this way of living, to us and our teachings. For this we are grateful — but this was always to be the case.

We signed on to play an important role in Helen’s personal journey, but now, in the journey of many. We implore you to reach out to your guides, to connect with the physical support teams that can help steer you through. For you, too, have an impact to make on the world. You, too, must play your part. And there are many other souls, in physical form and not, who have agreed to support you in your quest.

In some ways, what we have presented here was done so to appease your logical mind. We’ve worked with Helen to bring frequencies into form, in a way that a rational, logical mind can digest and interact with. However, we do not wish for this to be the stumbling block. Forget the frameworks and the processes — and come back within, and trust yourself and your own guidance. You are a vast, wondrous multi-dimensional being. All of you already knows.