How To Navigate Through An Integration Period

How To Navigate Through An Integration Period

Recently many of us have felt as though we are in a period of deep excavation. It may have turned up in different ways for different people. It could be excavating of relationships.  For others it could be excavating of health and the connection of mind, body and spirit. It may have been excavating old beliefs.  

When these conflicts and challenges resurface it’s like life is questioning us as to whether or not we’ve truly integrated.  It’s times like these that force us to really consider the lessons we’ve learned and make sure we’ve moved beyond them before we can truly let go of attachments or past emotions.  And it’s this integration period that will lead to a beautiful sense of emergence and freedom in the months to come.

Earlier this week, I dropped in on social media to take a deeper look at what we’ve been experiencing.  What does it mean when things from the past resurface?  How can we making space for this energy when it appears?  What methods we can use to let it go without attachment?  Integration is often a necessary step along the Soul Path in order to truly continue moving forward.


I’ve been aware of the deep energetic integration taking place.  Sometimes this is what the Soul Path looks and feels like – the mystery, the unexplained, the tender opening. It’s these moments that change us – there is liberation there.  We’re being asked to come back into connection with ourselves and with the Earth. And if we’ve been following our in inner guidance, moving with the healing and opening to our soul — we will be ready to emerge anew again.