Do You Notice Repetitive Messages?

Do You Notice Repetitive Messages?

We receive an abundance of signs and symbols daily, which are given to help us navigate our way through the lessons we are currently learning. It’s become second nature for me to notice these signs and interpret their symbolism, to put their messages into practice in my life.

Sometimes this comes as I ask my guides questions on decisions in my life, and the answer comes through repetitive messages, for example, to meditate more. As I tend to that guidance, and meditate more, more guidance creeps in – in this case, how to release and let go to make way for the new direction I want to take.

Sometimes the messages come up during my client sessions. Time and time again, I notice that the psychic readings I give will unintentionally rotate around a particular theme. For example, I might see 10 different and unrelated people during a week and each will ask questions around the same theme – whether it be releasing, emerging or change – and usually, when appointments group together like this, I will know that there is an implied message there for me too. After all, we end up teaching exactly what we are meant to be learning ourselves.

Automatic writing is a daily practice for me, and one of the ways I notice patterns and themes in the messages I’m given. I’ve had clients unknowingly reiterate what my writings from that morning had told me; usually, it’s my husband who brings me the same piece of guidance I’d already received earlier that day.

Repetitive signs, symbols, themes, and messages are worth noticing – when we open to the myriad of guidance available to us in each moment, we develop trust and faith in not only our own intuitive abilities, but in the support we have to follow our own life path.

Be sure to pay attention to the things you find repetitive in your life, those kinds of things which make you think “Oh, that’s weird!” They will help you decipher your own messages so you can navigate your way through the lesson.