OMG! I’m going to be a published author

OMG! I’m going to be a published author

In the best news after my children and marriage — I’m going to be a published author.

The team at Murdoch Books have offered me a book deal to bring forth my first book, currently titled You Already Know and all things going to plan, it’s due to be on shelves this time next year!

Many of you know I’ve been working on this book in some form or other for years. When I returned to it a few years ago, after Rose was born, it opened up entirely new channels within me and I began to download entirely new content, which I’ve been teaching and mentoring women through for the past two years.

Back in June, Spirit told me to take a break from my business. Now, on the other side of three months (of what I thought would be a one month break), I can see what was up. During my hiatus, the offer was made and contracts negotiated. It has truly helped me reconfigure my perception of my work and I’m so pumped to be able to share this work with people far beyond this community.

Since I learned to read and write, I wanted to be an author. More than that, I knew I would be published one day. From the first story my family helped me self-publish when I was a kid, to the ebooks, courses and guidebook in The Little Sage Oracle Cards, I’ve technically been published before. But, I always knew, one day a publishing house would pick up my work.

In fact, my automatic writing back in 2010 and 2011 detailed the offer that would one day come my way. The advice from back then was indeed negotiated into this contract, some 7-8 years later.

Spirit has also guided me through the process this year, while I’ve been talking to Murdoch. I’ve been diligently writing the book, long before the offer was made. Spirit had given me a deadline of Christmas 2018; Murdoch gave me to mid January 2019.

So, my younger self is seriously high fiving me right now. And it’s been the biggest secret to have kept – but it’s out now. Like announcing a pregnancy, I feel like I can share my excitement and hope you’ll be as excited as me to meet this book baby when she hits shelves next year.