1 Hour Psychic Reading


After a long hiatus, private psychic readings with Helen Jacobs are back! 

In these ask-me-anything style readings, all manner of topics can be explored. Helen's spirit guides will provide their most important guidance, and there's plenty of time for your questions on specific life areas or topics. 

Most readings include an oracle card spread —but it's quite common for Helen's Spiritual Support Team to get started and never prompt Helen to use the cards. 

1:1 Guidance

Private 1 hour reading

With renowned psychic Helen Jacobs.

Psychic. Channel. Soul Guide.
Helen Jacobs

After 15 years as a professional psychic, I've read for thousands of people the world over.

I work with the world of spirit to relay their messages of guidance for you in your life.

My work focuses on self-responsiblity, growth and healing rather than predictions for entertainment.

Happy clients

Thank you so so much for my beautiful reading.  It was ridiculously accurate and has given me many wonderful things to ponder and keep in mind over the next few years. Quite inspiring really!  I'm very appreciative!!

Could you please pass on to Helen she was 100% spot on with me - was like I was hearing directly from my soul ...

The reading is just amazing! This is exactly the support and guidance I need at this time and I am so so grateful.

Please pass on my thanks to Helen. The reading brought tears to my eyes as it confirmed most of what I feel to be my path.


As I sit in my local coffee shop enjoying a quiet moment before the busyness of my day starts, I can feel tears form as I read your words. It's like you (and your Guides) know me by heart and it creates such a safe and miraculous space for me to heal and grow. Thanks so much Helen, I won't ever be able to say thank you enough xx

FAQs about a psychic reading with Helen

These sessions are perfect for anyone moving through change and transition, or experiencing a block or resistance in their life. Helen's readings focus on proactive steps to take, or areas for improvement, to catalyse real change in your life.  

Yes! These are ask-me-anything style sessions, not just focused on your path and purpose. I'll bring through spirit's messages and answer any questions you may have. Most clients ask about love, relationships, work, healing etc. Whatever you'd like to ask!

These sessions are not specifically for medium work (connecting with loved ones who've passed away). Helen cannot control who she connects with or what they may have to share, however, if information does come through, it will be shared. If your preference is for a medium reading, please mention this at the time of booking. 

Throughout the reading, you’re encouraged to ask Helen whatever questions you wish to ask. The session can be as interactive as you’d like to make it. While you don’t have to volunteer information, you are encouraged to participate in whatever way you feel comfortable. 

I've pretty much heard every question under the sun. The only question spirit won't answer is when someone might die. Questions on behalf of someone else are discouraged — but you're welcome to ask about others in relation to yourself. The questions that seem to have the best results are those focused on your own personal growth in any situation.

We would be happy to record the session for you and send you a copy afterwards. Please do not record the session without Helen's consent.

Not at this time. All sessions are conducted online, via Zoom.

No, these are 1:1 sessions and I do ask that you're alone at the time of the reading.

Having a reading is really something someone should choose for themselves. For this reason, we wouldn't recommend booking for someone else without their knowledge. Instead, you may prefer to send one of our gift cards so they can book for themselves.

We try to maintain the calendar as best we can, but from time to time, bookings happen faster than we've opened spots. If it appears to be booked out, please let us know. That said, I am only energetically able to complete a small amount of readings each week. I am also only availalbe during school hours and am on Australian Eastern Standard Time. The calendar should show the times in your local timezone.

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Sessions available from August 2022