Bespoke guidance package


Wish you had ongoing access to Helen's psychic insight, energy upgrades or soul (re)alignment?

Sometimes when you're moving through a sticky situation or major period of growth and transition, you may need a little extra support.

Think of this ongoing guidance package as a private mentorship. Helen and spirit are with you as you navigate this period of change; guiding, supporting and clearing the way.

Work with Helen in a way that makes sense for you. We can tailor a package just for you.

regular check ins.

Mentoring & Support

Delivered in a frequency that works for you.


Each person entering into a guidance pacakge with Helen will have their own unique experience.

What is common to all, is that you'll bring your questions, blocks or challenges to the session and Helen will bring through Spirit's guidance on how to proceed.

The first session will include a psychic reading, helping to identfiy (from spirit) the areas for focus.

Typically the best results arise over a few months together, but many clients choose to continue for longer.

Depending on your needs, we can create a frequency of check-ins that are weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Examples of what we might cover

Overarching pathway

We'll map the path ahead, and align to the action plan to get there.

Identify and clear blocks

Be guided through deep energy and soul-level work to clear energy blocks.

Soul contracts

If relevant, we can explore the soul agreements, vows and contracts.

Access resources

Helen will share the appropriate exercises, tools, techniques and resources to work with between sessions.

Real time updates

As you progress, things can change — including you! We can answer questions rapid-fire style as you make new decisions.

Personalised meditations

When required, Helen will channel guided spirutual journeys and energy processes, to allow for deep transformation.

This is often the next step after a reading

Take the guidance you're given and actually apply it.

Why me?
Practical Psychic

For the past 15 years, I've worked as a professional psychic and mentor, guiding thousands of people through spiritual growth and personal transformation.

My soul gifts lie with channelling the world of spirit — and transforming their guidance into practical, actionalable, real-life steps.

As a channel, I also am able to guide clients into higher dimensions to meet themselves, their guides, their souls — and create real and lasting energetic change.

We can fast-track your inner transformation.

Kind words from clients

Helen is fantastic at meeting you where you are spiritually and emotionally and guiding you where you need to go to to move towards living your life in alignment with your soul's desires. I struggled with living from a head-based space. Shifting from this to a heart and soul-based approach has been the biggest change for me.

Georgia Marrion

After a reading with Helen, we entered into three months of 'work'. The places and realisations (and healing) that she was able to guide me to were out of my reach before working with Helen. The shifts have been profound and my soul truly does now feel in alignment with my physical being. Helen is gentle, accurate and honest and she feels unwavering and strong as a guide.

Alex Olsen


Over the 12 months I've worked with Helen my life has transformed completely. I've moved myself forward physically into a new environment that I love and feel supported in. Spiritually and emotionally I am also much healthier - I'm following my heart and putting my energy into the activities that bring me joy on a day-to-day basis. Definitely transformational!

Liana McCluskey

Working with Helen in a 1:1 capacity has been incredible and such an integral part of my spiritual journey and personal growth. After some pretty big shifts and deep healing I now feel a sense of freedom, lightness, self-acceptance and self-love, and most of all a true understanding of where I am right now, what my soul is guiding me towards and that I have the tools and support to help me get there. It's been such an incredible journey I am so grateful for. I feel blessed. 

Tess Mion

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