Half Day Intensive

1:1 Guidance


Sometimes you just need a little longer to go in deeper to a particular issue or key life area.

That's what this Half Day Intensive is for.

Perfect for focusing on your path and purpose, or developing your soul's work from conception to growth — but we can truly focus wherever we need to go.

Over three hours together, online, we explore the focus area with spirit's guidance, we map an action plan and we can clear blocks and limitations as they arise.

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clarity & healing
Practical psychic

Helen brings psychic insights and practical know-how.

After 15 years with her own successful soul-aligned business, plus almost a decade in PR and marketing for big consumer brands, Helen has a unique skill set to bring to the table.

She'll help you align your actions, beliefs, emotions and energy to influence what happens in your life and business.




Prior to our session, you're invited to share what you'd like to focus on — your question, life area or block you'd like to understand and clear.

We'll meet online, via Zoom, to enjoy three uniterrupted hours together.

This time tends to be a mix of psychic reading and channeled guidance, mapping a practical action plan and energetic healing (as needed). Spirit will guide the session and any required processes.

So many life areas are connected. How energy flows in one life area is impacted by what's going on in another. By the end of the three hours, clients typically see the connectivity to all parts of their life.

The best focus areas for a Half Day Intensive

Clearing Blocks

When exploring your current situation, we may identify limiting beliefs, energy blocks or other challenges. Spirit will direct us through energy work, deep meditation or other healing practises.

Path & Purpose

Unsure what direction to take, or what your life or soul purpose is? We'll work with spirit to uncover your soul gifts, lessons and purpose and how you're being asked to share them right now.

Soul Work

I love when our purpose can also turn a profit. We can explore how you can take your "soul seed" from conception to business maturity. Let's work with spirit to map your own body of work.

Is it right for you?

Yes! If you're....

* ready to invest in yourself
* willing to do the inner work
* committed to working through your soul and life lessons

Kind words from clients

Helen has the natural ability to promote a real sense of connecting with one’s Soul so that I am now able to take the steps necessary to answer my true calling and what is in my heart. I now have a roadmap of what steps need to be taken so that I can continue on this journey with ease and clarity. I highly recommend a session with Helen as it is sincerely a beautiful gift that will continue to give for many months and years to come.

Melanie Oborne


This was one of the most amazing days of my life. Diving deep into the soul level healing was incredible, but I also really enjoyed the conversational aspects of our day. Being able to ask Helen a heap of questions about spirituality was great, and I so much enjoyed finding out more about Helen and her life. It was likely a souly-girls-day-out!

Kate Manley


My relationship to soul has strengthened and my trust in the divine is thriving. Working with Helen was gorgeous. Having her support and guidance to go deeper within is something that has brought about knowings and understandings I would have been challenged to reach on my own. My life has been shifting in every way, and after my session I could feel myself in the flow heading towards great soul pathways.

Sonya Schnick


My VIP Day with Helen was wonderful! We explored an incredible depth and breadth of information I couldn't have intuited or accessed on my own. Helen guided and supported me to embrace, understand and truly feel the soul-level importance and impact of my lessons, path and purpose, whilst also delivering a plan and action steps to follow to achieve my dreams. Spending the day with Helen, chatting and co-creating my soul-vision, was an absolute joy!

Laura Hopkins
Join the Guided membership and work with the Guided community, led by Helen Jacobs

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