Path & Purpose Sessions

Mapping the inner journey towards your purpose


Your heart is an antenna, both receiving and transmitting information to the Universe. The Universe is showing you the way towards your path and purpose —but are you following?

Already with a practice in place to listen to your heart and your intuition, you've probably already begun along a new inner pathway to reveal your purpose...

... you're making changes, doing the inner work, and now want to create a life that aligns with this new version of you; the true you.

... you've got a broad desire, an inkling of your purpose, but it's not 100% clear yet.

... you're open to signs, you're pulling cards and meditating and working with your Spiritual Support Team...

BUT! you still need a little guidance on how to make it all happen.

You're now ready for a Path & Purpose Session with Helen Jacobs

You're not off path if you're not on-purpose

The path is just leading you inward before it leads you outward.

What we will focus on

We’ll zoom in to the lessons, gifts and purpose you’re here to experience as well as what may be preventing their realisation right now. 

Sometimes our time will be spent clearing the way to find your truth; other times, we’ll go straight to the heart of your purpose. We're always guided by Spirit.

This is a top-level overview of where you are right now, the energy exchange between you and the Universe and the steps needed to bring you back "on path".

Is it right for you?

These sessions are for anyone who:

  • feels called to live on-purpose but isn't sure how
  • has begun building a relationship with their intuition, but needs a little outside help making sense of it all
  • knows there’s something more, but you can't quite access it
  • is tired of repeating lessons and cycles they feel stuck in
  • is willing to do the inner work and follow the Soul Aligned Action Steps that come up during the session.

A Path & Purpose Session provides insights into the inner work (perhaps the clearing, healing, supports and energy tweaks) to help move you into the next iteration of your soul's journey.

Not your typical psychic reading

What you won't get...

  • a standard psychic session (instead, you get top level practical life guidance)
  • powerless predictions (instead, you reclaim your power to choose and make change)

But you will get the steps to make inner change, so your outer purpose can be shared.

I engaged Helen for a session ahead of a period of major growth in my business. I left our session excited, empowered and with more clarity than I’ve ever felt as an entrepreneur. Helen is a master in her craft.

Hannah Statham


The places and realisations (and healing) Helen guided me to were out of my reach before working with her. The shifts have been profound.

Helen is gentle, accurate and honest and she feels unwavering and strong as a guide.

Alexandra Olsen


I was struggling to let my voice be heard and fearful of venturing into my heart's calling. I was literally stuck in a version of myself that I knew I had outgrown, but wasn't sure how to let go of.  Helen helped amazingly with this.

Liana McClusky


Helen Jacobs
Practical psychic

The power in working with me isn't in my psychic predictions — it's in your Higher Self's how.

I'll bring my psychic insights and practical know-how to your session, working with the world of spirit to bring through tailored, relevant and highly actionable steps to align your head and heart AND your path and purpose.

ready for change?

Map your path and purpose now