How to use your digital planner

Getting started with digital planning

The Head and Heart Digital Planner is designed to look just like a traditional paper planner, but is actually an interactive digital file. It allows the freedom and flexibility to copy and paste text and images, link between pages, replicate pages and move entire pages to somewhere more convenient for you to save your journal notes. 

To get started, you'll need an iPad or tablet - but your digital planner can also be used on a computer and smartphone. If you wish to write by hand, you'll also need a stylus pencil, which gives the effect of writing on a paper journal. 

Video tutorial on using your digital planner

Got a general question about getting started with a digital planner?

Digital Planners require a device such as an iPad, laptop or iPhone. You will also need an annotation app like GoodNotes to open the digital planner file in. As digital planners immitate a paper planner, you will get the best expereince on a tablet using a stylus.

I personally use and recommend GoodNotes for my digital planner - it's FREE. You can also use Notability and Xodo.

A a writer and life-long journaler I couldn't believe I made the switch from paper to digital. Digital planners and journals allow for freedom and flexibility, adding and deleting pages, copying and pasting text and images, hyperlinking important details and much more. For your guidance practice, it keeps everything in one place. It's also better for the environment, requires less storage and you can. take your digital journal with your anywhere, across devices.

Yes! Apps like Goodnotes have a desktop version, so you can upload your planner into the app and use it on your laptop. There is a function in Goodnotes to add text to your planner.

If, however, you prefer to write on your digital planner like you would a paper planner, a tablet is best.

You can also use a smartphone, as long as your screen is big enough to use.

Head and Heart Digital Planner
Head and Heart Digital Planner
Head and Heart Digital Planner
Head and Heart Digital Planner

Head and Heart Digital Planner

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