Soul Seeds


What is a Soul Seed?

Soul Seed: the beginnings of your soul work, ready to bloom and blossom. 

You've got the spark of a new idea or project within. Bigger. Better than before. Aligned. Potent. And you know the impact it's here to make on the word.

Maybe it's a book. A business. A movement.

Maybe it's a whole new modality or framework you know you're here to channel, create and birth into the world.

This is your Soul seed.

It's ready to bloom.

And so are you.

For change-makers, dream-weavers & legacy-leavers

Explore your Soul Seed with Helen Jacobs



Perhaps your seed is just ready to be planted, or its been blooming a little while already. Together, we'll:

* connect with your big soul vision for this seed
* understand its impact, the legacy your soul work is here to make
* review its journey from conception to gestation, labour and birth so you can plan accordingly
* intuit the personal transformation you will move through as you bring it to life
* sync with the rhythm and timing of your Soul Seed
* map the soul-aligned actions steps to bring it to life

If you're ready for a deep commitment to yourself and your work, then let's deep-dive into your soul business, mission, project or vision over a soulful day together.

from little things

big things grow

How we can work together

Half Day Intensive

Ideal for big picture, action steps so you can implement on your own.

On-going mentorship

Perfect if you need a little extra assistance to nurture and grow, over time.

My VIP Day with Helen was wonderful! We explored an incredible depth and breadth of information I couldn't have intuited or accessed on my own. Helen guided and supported me to embrace, understand & truly feel the soul-level importance and impact of my lessons, path & purpose, whilst also delivering a plan and action steps to follow to achieve my dreams. Spending the day with Helen, chatting & co-creating my soul-vision, was an absolute joy!

Laura Hopkins
Yes! if you...

* already know your purpose, but it may be shifting

* want a profit from your soul work

* know you have big, meaningful work to do

* are committed to investing in yourself, your Soul Seed and the impact you're here to make

This is NOT for you if you:

* don't know what your purpose is. You'd be aperfect fit for a Path & Purpose Session.

* are new to inner work, intuition and purpose. Guided would be perfect for you.

* want to follow a business plan more than your soul's plan. If that's you, I'm not for you!

Helen Jacobs asks life big questions to the Universe


Apply for 2023

As each Soul Seed package is personally tailored to you, your Soul Seed and your soul work, it incurs a mid-four figure investment.

We'll review your application and be in touch soon.