Work 1:1 with Helen

Could my psychic insights help your situation?

Yes, you’re intuitive — but a little extra guidance couldn't hurt.

My psychic input can help when you're struggling to remain objective when seeking guidance for yourself. Or things are just too cloudy for you to see clearly at all.

Previous clients say it's validating when a professional psychic confirms their hunches — or incredibly valuable if a new path is seen.

I work with self-responsible people, who use the psychic advice I offer to make their own choices and decisions, ultimately working on themselves to change their trajectory.


Here's how I'm currently working with 1:1 clients

1 Hour Psychic Reading

This is the quickest and easiest way to ask me anything about your current situation, decisions or life path. One hour together, via Zoom.


Half-Day Intensive

This three hour, online session is perfect for those wanting to go deep on their Path & Purpose, exploring a soul-based business, or clearing blocks.


Bespoke Guidance Package

Sometimes, we need guidance for a particular phase or stage. My bespoke mentoring packages can be arranged for regular intuitive check-ins.