Path & Purpose

Path + Purpose Session

You don't discover your purpose, you remember it

A Path & Purpose Session provides an overview of your soul’s path — the lessons, the soul contracts and the key experiences — and how this feeds into your purpose. It provides the context to this moment in time from your soul’s perspective.

If you’re confused as to why you’re here, and what you’re here to offer, these sessions are for you.

You’ll leave the session with the action steps to help move you where you want to go, in accordance with your soul (not your mind).

It's time to bring forth the truth of who you are.

You're not off path if you don't yet know your purpose

You may just have been looking in the wrong place

Your purpose isn't your job or career

It's who you are and why you're really here

Requesting a Path & Purpose Session is an investment into your soul.

It's not about wanting to know what comes next, but in accessing higher wisdom and insight to understand why things are occurring as they are right now — and what you can do about it.

You reclaim your power and take back the driver's seat in your life.

To achieve this, in your session, we will focus on your:

  • Life lessons and how they feed into your soul purpose
  • What spirit wants you to know about your purpose right now (knowing we don’t get everything revealed at once)
  • Soul-aligned action steps (hint: we map the inner transformation required)
  • Any key information about current life events and how they fit into the bigger soul picture
  • Your purpose is to remember your soul. When you do, you'll see your life anew.

    You'll leave your session with your soul’s strategy for healing, growth, learning and exploration.

    Practical psychic

    The power of working with a psychic isn't in the predictions —
    it's in the how.

    Life isn't set in stone. Your actions, beliefs, emotions, body and energy influence what happens.

    Work on those and you change your life.

    Add in soul-aligned actions and direction and true synchronicities begin. Life appears to be working for you — and it is. Always

    The power of these sessions is understanding the role you play in your life, your soul's path and purpose.

    I would also like to express my deep gratitude for the strategy session yesterday. The insight was profoundly life-changing and looking forward to the future now.


    Is this right for you?

    A Path & Purpose Session is for you if you are:

  • ready to invest and commit to your soul path
  • willing to do the work spirit suggests
  • committed to working through your lessons to reveal your purpose
  • a little further along in your personal journey — this isn’t the first time you’ve worked with a psychic or invested in your personal growth
  • What these sessions are not:

  • Your standard psychic sessions — this isn’t about predictions and answers as much as it is about direction and how
  • Me telling you what job or career to pursue — we will focus on the inner journey and transformation to reveal your purpose
  • Before working with Helen, I was contemplating pivoting in my business.  Helen not only provided HUGE insights and guidance, but also strategic and practical solutions that I can immediately implement. Without any prompting, she identified issues I've been ruminating on in my business (and life) and shared wisdom and practical ideas. I HIGHLY recommend working with Helen and I will be booking in another session with her.

    Dr Kristy Goodwin, author & Speaker

    I engaged Helen for a session ahead of a period of major growth in my business. I left our session excited, empowered and with more clarity than I’ve ever felt as an entrepreneur. Helen is a master in her craft.

    Hannah Stratham, Media Mortar

    Ready to set up your session?

    Once you invest in your Path & Purpose Session below, you'll receive:

  • a quick questionnaire to complete to set the focus for your session and highlight questions you'd like to ask
  • access to my calendar to select your time*
  • Link to join me online, via Zoom, to attend your session
  • Ready to live the life
    you were born to live?

    Let's get started

    Your Investment

    Path & Purpose sessions are approximately 1 hour in length. Once purchased, you will be sent a link to my calendar to book in your strategy session. Please note, these sessions are conducted online in Brisbane, Australia timezones. Now booking for June 2021 onwards.

    Path +Purpose Strategy Session