I am so incredibly grateful to Helen and her amazing gift and beautiful energy that has supported me throughout my journey.

Through both individual readings and mentoring Helen has helped me understand and learn how to live intuitively, has worked with me on releasing fears and allowing me to open up and receive as well as trust and believe in myself, the universe and my path.

Helens intuition along with messages she receives are always perfectly timed and insightful, guiding and supporting me exactly how I need it at the time. I feel blessed to have worked with Helen and for what she has taught me, she has made such a positive impact on my journey and I feel like this is just the beginning of so much more to come in discovering my soul purpose.

Tess Mion

"Helen is a soulful teacher who holds a beautiful, safe and sacred space for all she teaches.  Learning the steps of intuitive living, receiving channeled messages and participating in mentoring has guided me back to soul alignment and in turn, completely transforming my life. All the while I was learning, Helen walked firmly by my side sharing her unwavering wisdom, insight, support, love and light.  I’ll forever be grateful for being guided to Helen, and all I’ve learnt from her."

Megan Ezzy
Intuitive Art Therapist

Over the last few years I have worked with Helen in several areas including receiving channeled guidance, completing the living intuitively course and 1:1 soul guidance mentoring. I have found Helen to be a genuine and honest person who works from a place of utmost integrity in helping me work towards my full soul's potential.

For anyone wanting guidance to living a more intuitive and soul-led life I would highly recommend Helen to guide you through the process.

Georgia Marrion

Helen has been a wonderful mentor over the last 6mths.

She is compassionate, caring, obviously very intuitive, and creates a safe space for me to show all my messiness and not to feel judged!

She works with positivity and light and brings humour into the darker areas. I have really appreciated her showing me things from a spiritual side rather than a too logical/black and white side that I would normally view my life from. This has helped me to make some great shifts in areas that I was stuck with for a while. Thank you Helen.

Nichola Powell

For the woman ready to walk her intuitive path with radical trust & heart felt alignment Helen is the soul guide for you. Her depth of perception & experience reaches beyond dimensions, guiding you to magical new heights & depths of intuitive alchemy.

This woman is the embodiment of a spiritual sage and the perfect guide to bring you home, to your soul path.

Jenna Ward
Embodiment Teacher & Founder ‘The Embodied Woman’

I have been working with Helen for nearly 3 years now. At each and every step I have been supported by Helen and her amazing business. Through these 3 years I have moved countries 3 times and changed roles and have been supported through the whole process with learnings from Helen which are now intuitive to me.

I know how to support myself through any personal development from what I have learnt, to allow me to live both intuitively and authentically. This is invaluable.

Helen is extremely personable, a great listener and totally authentic which has allowed trust to build in our work together over time. I feel that Helen will be in my life for many years to come. I really thank Helen for all her guidance in the last 3 years.

Brigid O'Leary

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