Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystal Set

Chakra Crystal Set

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Chakra Crystal Set

The cleaner your energy centres, the more your life flows. When you store old hurts, wounds, emotions and past experiences, your energy leaves an imprint in your chakras.

Included in this crystal set are seven tumbled stones, one for each of the main seven chakras:

  • Red Jasper for base chakra (stabilise and ground)
  • Orange Calcite for sacral chakra (creativity and manifesting)
  • Citrine for solar plexus (confidence and success)
  • Aventurine for heart chakra (comfort and healing)
  • Blue quartz for throat chakra (communication and expression)
  • Amethyst for third eye chakra (intuition and connection)
  • Clear quartz for crown chakra (amplify energy and clarity)

Work with the entire crystal balancing set when you engage with your chakras, or work with the tumbled stones individually as you focus on one chakra at a time.

Housed in a calico pouch, your chakra crystal set includes all seven tumbled stones, reference cards for each, including an affirmation to use with your crystals and chakras.

To enhance this crystal, pair it with Chakra Balancing Meditation

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