Soul Map Strategy Sessions

Your soul's map reveals your next steps

Your big swirling questions + soul lessons and purpose = your next steps

At any given time, we will likely have Big Swirling Questions (or BSQs) about our life, our path and purpose, or something we've encountered along the way.

And while I believe we are all intuitive, I also believe my soul's psychic gifts can shed light when your own view is clouded.

In a Soul Map Strategy Session, you bring your BSQs and I'll look into your soul's lessons and purpose.

Together, we will reveal the soul aligned action steps to move you forward.

Changing your outer world is really an inside job... and you already have the map.

I'll help you navigate.

Let's explore the inner world journey your soul requires to co-create the outer world solutions you desire.

1:1 Guidance

45 minute session

Straight to the heart of your situation

Work with Helen

After 15 years as a professional psychic, I've read for thousands of people the world over, refining and honing my gifts to reveal this sweet spot:

I know your soul's lessons, its purpose and how your current situation is reflecting the inner steps your soul wishes you to take to move further along your path.

My work focuses on self-responsiblity, growth and healing rather than predictions for entertainment.

We'll work with the world of spirit to understand your Soul's unique map, and identify your next steps to co-create what your soul came here to create.

Kind words from past clients

Thank you so so much for my beautiful reading.  It was ridiculously accurate and has given me many wonderful things to ponder and keep in mind over the next few years. Quite inspiring really!  I'm very appreciative!!

Could you please pass on to Helen she was 100% spot on with me - was like I was hearing directly from my soul ...

The reading is just amazing! This is exactly the support and guidance I need at this time and I am so so grateful.

Please pass on my thanks to Helen. The reading brought tears to my eyes as it confirmed most of what I feel to be my path.

It's like you (and your Guides) know me by heart and it creates such a safe and miraculous space for me to heal and grow.

No matter your question
it reveals your path

You may not realise it yet, but your Big Swirling Question is already hinting at the inner work your soul is nudging you towards.

Whatever you wish to ask, think of this as your 45 minute soul strategy session.

We can identify the lessons, blocks, limitations, challenges etc to clear; the next big vision your soul is ready to manifest -- and how to co-create it.

When you book, you can determine the focus for the session.

FAQs about these Soul Map Strategy Sessions

In some ways, it's not. It's like any other reading: you turn up with questions and I work with the world of spirit and my intuition to answer them.

How it does differ, though, is that it's now the only way to work 1:1 with me. This one session type can cover all the bases; I've simplified my offer.

We can use the session to focus on whatever your issue is (maybe it's path and purpose, or maybe it's something else) and we can create the aligned action steps for you to take after the session.

This is the first step. In fact, many of my current VIP and mentor clients started with this type of session.

If you're a fit for personalised, ongoing support, it will reveal (or you can ask about this) in the session. Spirit has a way of showing us if there's more to do together; it will become one of the aligned action steps we receive.

Even if you don't need tailored ongoing support, many clients like to book ahead - eg one session a month, or one a quarter - so they know they have their regular soul check-in booked in. Plus, this means you won't miss out on the preferred calendar time.

Of course! We can zoom in on the current lessons and blocks, just as much as we can zoom out to the big picture.

I always say asking is an important step in receiving guiance, but in the absence of Big Swirling Questions, we can just focus on asking what you need to know right now. So, yes, we can absolutely let Spirit guide the session!

Yes! Just make a note about this when you book, providing any information required during the booking process.

Unfortunately, I don't offer medium readings (connecting with the spirit of those who've passed away). This may of course come up during a reading, but it's not my sweet spot. Because my gifts are best suited to looking at lessons and purpose, if we were to focus on the loss of a loved one, it would likely explore that side of things. If you have any questions about this, please contact us before booking.

Soul Map Strategy Sessions

Soul Map Strategy Sessions

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