Quick Fixes To Stay Grounded

Quick Fixes To Stay Grounded

As we move through the current period of integration on the Soul Path, we’ve been spending some extra time focusing on connecting to ourselves, connecting to the earth and staying grounded.  In a recent post, we looked at the telltale signs you’ll see when you’re not grounded.  Now let’s look at some quick fixes to ground yourself.

The first place to start is with this exercise: Try matching your energy to the energy of the earth; it’s not a bad way of grounding yourself – or to see how grounded you are.  Simply hold that energy in your feet, and move it higher into your body and heart.

Other quick fixes for grounding your energy:

  • Eat (particularly fresh, healthy foods) or drink.  Is there nothing better than a cup of tea to soothe yourself?
  • Get outdoors.  Barefoot if you can. Hug a tree. Try and get in physical contact with the environment.  Or just sit in nature and take it in.  Even just a few minutes can make a big difference.  
  • Wash your face, hands and/or feet.  There are chakras in your hands and feet which are entry and exit points for energy. Physically washing them can help. I find the same effect when washing my face.
  • Crystals.  There are many crystals for grounding, such as clear or smoky quartz, citrine and red jasper. Carrying just a small stone with you may help.

Slightly lengthier methods for staying grounded:

  • Meditation and/or visualisation. Any will help, especially one designed for grounding, clearing and protecting your energy.
  • Chakra clearing and balancing.   You can do this yourself by following a guided meditation, or you can work with a practitioner.
  • Go for a walk.  And keeping walking until you feel more grounded. This would work best in along the beach, a river or a park. Walking in a particularly urban area may take a little longer to work, but the exercise will no doubt help from a physical perspective.

You may also find there are triggers which keep you from staying grounded – certain people, events, occasions. Try keeping note in your journal when you feel yourself losing this connectedness and what else is occurring at the time.

Quick fixes for grounding your soul’s energy to the earth:

  • What is stopping you from opening to the earth’s energy and abundance? Can you clear and heal this?
  • Work with the Divine Masculine to harmonise your masculine energy
  • Work with the Divine Feminine to harmonise your feminine energy
  • Hold the energy of both the Divine Masculine and Feminine in your body, to bring unity and wholeness into your being.
  • Tap into the energy of the Big Bang, of all potential.  Feel this course through your body.
  • Tap into the energy of the elements – earth, fire, air and water.  Hold all four at once in your body.