Receiving Divine Guidance

Receiving Divine Guidance

No matter who you are, your experience or background – everyone is equally capable of asking for and receiving divine guidance.

Divine guidance is guidance received from a higher source than the human mind. That may mean guidance from your little sage, higher self, spirit guides, angels, archangels or any other type of light being, but it’s also possible to be guided by Universal energy too.

At The Little Sage, we often talk about the battle of head and heart – when you’re in your heart or spiritual centre, you’re more likely to hear divine guidance than when you’re in your head, guided by ego or logic.

Remember, at the core, you are a spirit experiencing a human lifetime – and as a spirit, you communicate just the same way as other spirits (such as guides, angels, archangels and any other being of light, even those who have passed away from their physical body).

As humans, of course, we also communicate via physical senses too – speech, the written word, body language, etc.

Over time, these everyday forms of (human) communication may over-ride or mask your inherent ability to communicate spiritually, through the language of energy, intuition and psychic senses.

All it takes is a little reminder and a bit of practice to harness intuition, to read and flow with energy and develop your psychic senses so you have a continual stream of divine guidance.

Joining a meditation or psychic development class is another way to remind yourself of your inherent abilities and practice them in a safe and supportive group setting.

No matter how you explore your ability to receive divine guidance, it’s important to know you always have access to it, at any given moment.

Your intuition, Universal energy and your Spiritual Support Team (your guides, angels etc) are always working to provide insight and guidance… you just may need to practice looking for and interpreting the messages.

Receiving divine guidance is like any other communication – it’s best when it’s two way. Ask and listen. Be open to the communication directed toward you, or begin a dialogue yourself.

Setting the intention to communicate with spirit, to understand energy, intuition and psychic ability is the first step. Believe it is possible and it is. Believe it is impossible, or impossible for you, and it is.

Over to you – how do you practice asking for and receiving divine guidance?