Seeker Is Coming

Seeker Is Coming

Little by little this year, you’ve seen me slowly reveal more of myself and the new depths of my soul work on

After what has felt like a long time, busy behind the scenes (almost three years to my count), there is now more to be revealed and shared  with the wider community of soul-led women – you.

I’m so excited to finally let you in on what’s ahead… to read the full update, visit my latest blog post.

A new type of guidance I’ve been working with

Around the time I fell pregnant with my second daughter, Rose (who’s two this week), I began to channel the High Council of Sages. They’re a group of light beings, dedicated to leading the charge of (predominantly) women now waking to and walking the soul path.

Just as we each have a personal Spirit Guide, there are also groups of beings assigned to particular projects on the earth plane. The Council is one such group. They are a group of high-vibing beings assigned to the task of up-grading our energy, and opening our understanding of the transformation process we move through on the various phases of the soul path. The High Council of Sages wish to see us accelerate our ability to live a life not only fully aligned with our individual soul blueprint, but also fully activating the collective earth’s blueprint – and all the abundance encoded in the earth, waiting just for us.

Channeling the teachings of the High Council of Sages

Since 2014, alongside the journey of motherhood, I’ve quietly and consistently channeled their message, filling pages of my journals and typing up their guidance into books, programs and energetic processes. And with each piece they’ve given me, I’ve personally worked with the energies and embodied their teachings in my own life. It’s transformed motherhood, my business and the way I pursue my creative endeavours.

Until now, much of this work has been done privately. For the past year, I’ve intimately guided a beautiful group of 10 mentor clients through the phases of the soul journey and, for the past six-months, another 45 soul-led women dived in deep with the first incarnation of this transformational process as we explored the early phases of the soul path.

These women have helped me earth this new work and, in effect, helped to plug into the earth’s template. This sets off a remarkable energetic wave of activation – and it’s now time to bring this into the world in a much bigger way.

It’s time to share this new, guided work

In a few weeks I’ll open the doors to Seeker – a deep-dive transformational journey into the realm of soul and abundance, with me as your mentor and guide.

Seeker is for the soul-led woman who:

· is ready to move from reactionary healing into proactive (and soul-aligned) manifestation and creation;

· has a deep, burning desire – which may at times remain elusive and just out of clarity and reach;

· wants to move beyond knowing (or even just hoping) her soul desire is possible, to embodying it as inevitable;

· trusts in her own guidance – but is ready to move beyond her intuition into real, earthed and birthed creations (whether in business, life or motherhood) and the full flood of her abundance.

My personal journey with the Seeker teachings

As I’ve worked with the High Council of Sages to bring through their message and embody their frequency, I’ve also followed their advice on the timing to reveal their work to the world.

The arrival of Seeker will coincide with the energy patterns the High Council of Sages have been sharing in my quarterly Collective Energy Forecasts this year. In the last quarterly Collective Energy Forecast, the Council told us we are nearing the time of true emergence and all of us on the soul path will feel this in the last quarter of 2017 and into 2018 – exactly when Seeker will be in full motion for all students who join us.

You might remember, “Emerge + Be Fearless” was the overall theme the High Council of Sages gave us for 2017. Right now, we are in the final throes of this preparation and it’s almost time to bloom. In fact, in an earlier Forecast, the Council told us:

“Bloom despite the fear.
Bloom because of the fear.
Bloom because of the fragility.
Bloom because you are here to do so.”

The energy patterns of 2017 are preparing for us to each individually bloom and emerge, aligned with our soul path – and all the healing that entails. Seeker will open its doors to take all those wanting support and higher guidance to do so.

This is just one piece of the Council’s puzzle

Although Seeker is a standalone transformational piece of work in and of itself – it’s also just one piece of a much larger puzzle. It sits within a comprehensive and much larger body of channeled work, called Guided, which is tailored to each phase of the soul path and the guidance offered in each.

Through Guided – the full breadth and depth of the High Council of Sages teachings they’ve so far shared with me – I’ll not only share Seeker, but also all of the foundational work I taught through my previous business at The Little Sage, as well as expand beyond these two levels into a third piece of work to be revealed soon thereafter. But more on Guided to come soon!


Seeker will kick off in October – for all the details and to be the first to know when it’s opening to the public, please register below!