Your Soul’s Guides Along the Path

Your Soul’s Guides Along the Path

You’ll encounter many guides as you walk your Soul path. There’s an expansive, multi-dimensional bevvy of support available to you, to help guide and steer you along the particular pathway that leads you home to your Soul.

Of course, there is your Soul itself. Yet, in the early phases of the Soul Journey, while your Human Self is still taking charge, it can be quite hard to maintain a consistent dialogue directly with your Soul. And, so, you are likely to begin by working with your intuition. This is your Soul’s voice, guiding you to the path in alignment with your Soul.

But, there’s also a whole Spiritual Support Team available to you too – a range of Spirit Guides, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and beings of light who are also assigned to your Soul’s Journey. Some may be permanent fixtures in your journey; others come and go for particular phases. But all are tasked with bringing you back into alignment with your Soul.

As you progress further along your own particular path, and have followed the guidance given to help prepare you, you may begin to encounter other Soul Guides and beings. As you prepare your Human Self to reach higher and higher energetic vibrations, you open yourself to higher and higher guidance.

No matter where you are on your journey, and indeed when the guides that step forward to assist you on your journey back to Soul, you will also be asked to remember your own power. Ultimately, they are there to guide your way.

You can learn to commune with them, interpret their messages and always have the power to decide for yourself.