Telltale Signs You’re Not Grounded

Telltale Signs You’re Not Grounded

As we move along the phases of the Soul Path, there are different telltale signs signalling to you that your energy needs to reconnect to the earth.

To be grounded, in the sense that we speak of it here, is to be energetically centred, to give your energy a point of steadiness. Much like a tree with its root system deep underground, being grounded gives you a strong base to work from, to grow from. Being grounded is not about feeling stuck, like the airplane. Rather, it has more to do with channeling your energy, strengthening it, to enable you to actually take flight.

You’ll know you’re grounded if you feel centred, strong, focused and unflappable. Much like that tree, you’ll be flexible enough to blow in the breeze, but still hold your ground. You’ll feel a slow, steady, strong intent to your being.

Tip: Try matching your energy to the energy of the earth; it’s not a bad way of grounding yourself – or to see how grounded you are. Simply hold that energy through your body, starting in your feet and drawing it up to your heart (and beyond).

We can ground our energy, as present in our human body and our chakra system (which is typically what happens through awakening and ascension) or we start to anchor and ground the energy of our soul.

Some telltale signs you’re not grounded in awakening and ascension:

  • Feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually drained
  • Being easily affected by what’s going on around you, especially other people’s energy or mood
  • You lack focus, are irritable, or scattered
  • Feeling ‘spacey’ or lightheaded. Your head (and energy) is often ‘in the clouds’ – constantly daydreaming
  • Busyness, constant rushing without being present to the moment
  • Clumsy, constantly dropping things or running into things
  • Catching yourself and wondering “how did I get here”
  • Being open and vulnerable to lower or unwanted energy
  • Feeling your energy spinning (or simply feeling dizzy for an unknown reason)
  • Absorbing the energy, emotions, moods and feelings of others and feeling them as if they are your own
  • Feeling queasy, nauseous, etc before, during or after meditations, healing or spiritual work

Being grounded is important if you intend on embarking on any spiritual or energetic work and as you continue along on your Soul Path. Even if you don’t perform energetic work, maintaining your grounding is important in staying centred and clear focused about your life.

In the early phases of awakening and ascension, it’s harder to follow your intuition, or receive psychic insight, when you’re not grounded.

Telltale signs you’re in the alignment soul phase and ungrounded:

  • Imbalanced masculine or feminine energy
  • Feel a lack of, or disconnect to your inner strength and power
  • Expression may feel stifled or constricted
  • Finding it difficult to open your receivership
  • Can’t connect to the energies of the earth

Of course, there are times you may feel any of these symptoms, regardless of where you are on the soul journey – they are always a signal to come back within and open as a channel to heaven and earth.

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